Does this guy consider me more than a friend?

I've known him since Sophomore year, he's a very friendly and playful guy, he treated me like a sister and I treated him like a brother.
  • We stopped talking in my Junior year & he had recently contacted me to be friends with me again. I was hesitant as it seemed like everyone from my past was contacting me at the time, I accepted him to be my friend again.
  • He has confessed to my friend my Sophomore year that he thought of me like a sister and nothing more. So, I'm mainly leaning towards he thinks of me as a sister.
  • He isn't very talkative, I ask questions and he just gives me an answer without like anything for me to contribute to the conversation. He rarely asks me how I'm doing or how my day has been like I've been asking him.
  • He calls me "My dear", he says I love you and he said it so much this one time.
  • He tells me he misses me and misses my hugs and miss my presence
  • He has told me a couple of times that I'm his.
  • He used to be flirty with me and it was mainly in a playful way like I knew it was just a jokingly way. But recently, he was very flirty more than usual and I flirted back in a playful way but not as intensely as him.
  • When he was in the flirtatious mood, I asked him jokingly "Are you talking to me because you're lonely?" and he said that no, that I don't understand and that he felt something genuine with me because I truly showed I cared about him.
I just feel confused because it's just mixed signals all around. I texted 4 people: 2 of them said he liked me and the other 2 said that no, maybe he's just being friendly. I'm meeting him this Thursday and I would just like to calm down my nerves.
Thanks for your help.
Does this guy consider me more than a friend?
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