Does my crush like me, if we fight all the time?

An important thing to note, is that me and my crush met through Taekwondo classes. This is basically the only place where we talk. Our fights aren't like play fighting, but a bit more serious, as we always go overboard.
The most recent fight we had went like this:
Me: Ayo wanna see Muay Thai up close?
Crush: Sure, you wanna see my fist even closer?
Me: You heard of the Muay Thai jumping knee kick in the face? BWAHAHAHHA.
Crush: *demonstrates it on his sister* like this?
Me: *starts putting my bags down as if I'm about to fight him*
Crush: Oh yeah? *Starts undressing and becomes shirtless* YO FIGHT ME!!
Everyone: *dying from laughing*
Me: *dying of laughter* Bruh dress yourself, you're gonna catch a cold!
Me: *notices the time since me, my crush, his best friend, his sister and my friend have been talking for half an hour already and I gotta travel since my TKD classes are half an hour away from home*
Says goodbyes, his sister follows me so we can talk:
Crush: *Says something mean about me*
Me: Want me to throw this bottle at your face?
Crush: *Gets slipper and throws it at me, hitting my chin*
Me: *throws empty bottle, hits him right in the forehead, his sister kicking me all the way while I'm running down the stairs, him throwing the other slipper at me*
And I finally went home...
Some things to note: We always stare at each other in training, glare at each other randomly, partner up for pad kicking and sparring and when we do shit goes dooooown... One time I tried to ask him to text it went like this:
Me: You gonna write?
Crush: Write what?
Me: You know what I mean. (I was actually shy.)
Crush: No, I don't?
Me: Are you gonna keep contact?
Crush: Wdym contact?
Me: Are you acting dumb on purpose? Whatever...
The problem is... He's going to be moving away for high school!! We have no form of contact even tho we're friends on facebook but we've never talked!! What do I do?
Does my crush like me, if we fight all the time?
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