Does my childhood friend like me?

hi .. I like this guy, Ken who is my childhood friend .. Our parents are business partners and we went to the same school etc ..

in school, when we were kids we were super close, always together, talking fighting, laughing etc .. few people even used to think we liked each other , but we both denied, as we were kids .. actually I liked him, but I'm not sure if tht was the kind of liking tht will blossom into love, so I denied having any feelings too .. till date I have no clue how he felt or feels about me.

In school Ken's best friend had a big crush on me and he tried hard for me .. however I denied having any feeling for his friend too .. later, I still donno the reason but Ken and his best friend Haven't been tht close since ..

after school we went lo different states for our college, only then I did I realize I do have feeling for Ken. staying away from him felt like something I couldn't do .. I have literally spend almost everyday with him since my birth, till I went to college .. however I wasn't sure If I had feelings for him ..

everywhere I went my new friends tell me that its so obvious Ken and I have feeling for each other.

we used to talk over the phone regularly, not often though. in the mean time I started liking this other guy, Robert in my college.. so I used to talk to ken about Robert and Robert to Ken. eventually both told me not to talk abt the other to him ..

in the mean once when I went Home and was talking to Ken he asked me why concentration for him is growing .. I felt so embarrassed .. ever since I have suppressed all the feeling I had for Ken.

few months later Robert proposed to me and we were dating for 4 yrs. all the while Ken was very much concerned abt me .. however he didn't involve himself much as it was personal life as he says..

however once when I mailed him Roberts pic, Ken told me tht I could get a better guy any given day and did I even like ..

now I ended my relationship with Robert and its been a year.. I Haven't been involved in any kind of relationships in this one year .. also in the mean time my Relation with Ken also got worse .. He became very busy with his .. I donno if tht or is there some other reason we don't spend much time ..

also I hardly get to see him .. may once in a year.. now its been almost 2 years I have last seen him .. even when we meet in between I used fight with him for some reason or the other .. else he teases so much tht I fight with him .. however in the end he will come to and apologize and convince me to talk to him. sometimes he does such cute things to convince me .. Sometime even though I'm angry and don't talk to him he will come to my home and tell my parents he shall drop me at the airport etc ..

when we are together or in the same place I feel all good .. even if we fight .. when once we get back to our jobs it gets really tough for me to talk to him .. however he try to talk once in a while.. but the conversation won't be too long ..
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even if it gets long he will cut me saying he has work or tht he has to go off to bed ..

my other school friends call me and complain to me saying tht Ken always says he is busy at work and that thy can never reach him and ask me to talk to him .. so I think he is genuinely busy at work .. even Ken himself says to me abt how hard he wants to work so tht he can get settled soon ..
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all I wanna know is how he feels abt me .. If he loves me .. I so want to be with him .. how I donno wanna spoil what we already have .. but I sometimes also feel he deserves somebody better than and at the same time worried if she will take good care of him ..
Does my childhood friend like me?
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