Is he trying to get my attention or am I reading into it too much?

I was friends with benefits with this guy for around 6 months. Last month he told me he started seeing someone so I told him no hard feelings and that I was happy for him. It was casual so I knew eventually one of us would meet someone.

I don't think it worked out though. He never really posted on Snapchat until a few weeks ago. He's been posting "thirst traps" lol and he only posts on days when I post stories. Snap chat is the only social media I have and because of mutual friends I know he's not posting these on IG.
I ran into him at a bar on Saturday and I was with other guys. He came up to me and I was polite and talked to him for a few minutes. My friend told me he was watching me all night with the group of guys which is kind of weird. The next day he posted a video on snapchat of him partying with girls on a boat. It wasn't even a snap though it was a screen recording someone had sent him that he uploaded onto snapchat. He's never posted anything with girls before and the timing just seems weird. I might be reading too much into it, but is he trying to get my attention/make me jealous? He could also be trying to get someone else's attention. I thought things ended on a good note so I'm kind of confused by his behavior.
Is he trying to get my attention or am I reading into it too much?
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