Being asked if you can cook?

Okay so why do guys ask you if you can cook for them In that playful tone while you two are barely getting to know eachother.
I’ve noticed most guys ask this and I always don’t care to get into the talk of food and cooking and also I feel like it’s misogynistic to just assume I want to cook for a man but whatever im not that upset about it either but anyways so I say “sure maybe sometime I might cook for you”and keep it pushing.
I barely decided to say No just to see what the reaction might be and to my surprise dude seems angry now and like not as nice as he’s been for the past few days but I guess saying I won’t be cooking for him made him upset and he asked me before as well and I said no he assumed it was because I couldn’t cook but I said no i can cook and he tried to ask me to again today and after I re said no he def got bothered this time.
What is the significance of this question, why is it asked and is It that serious?
Being asked if you can cook?
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