He hasn’t texted me after sex?

I met this guy off tinder. He is really cute and i am 21, he is 27. I figured he would be some tool in person based off his looks but he’s actually very shy and very awkward? I don’t mind that though cause I think it’s cute. Anyways, we hungout a couple times, about the third time we had sex. I haven’t seen him since June. At first he would text me and now all he does is Snapchat me. He never texts me anymore and I find that annoying, since he’s a grown man. His excuse is that he doesn’t text anyone which is obviously BS. We finally hungout again last night and we had sex but this time it seemed more intimate. He was interlocking hands with me, he cuddled me after and we watched a movie. The sex was amazing. He told me he’s never had sex like that before. He looked high afterwards like he was in a choma lol. But he usually Snapchat’s me everyday or has something to send to me everyday and today he sent me nothing. Haven’t heard from him at all since i left his house last night. He told me he’s never really had a girlfriend but he’s 27? I feel like he is lying but who knows. This has been going on since April. In person he acts really shy and you can tell he doesn’t have the personality to be a player but it’s just confusing cause I don't know if he likes me or not. It’s bad but I honestly couldn’t picture him messing with a lot of people because of the way he acts. He acts very awkward and shy like I said but it’s to a point where you know he wouldn’t be confident enough to go up to a girl girls. He does it online. He even told me last night he hasn’t had sex in awhile. But for some reason I feel I’m being played by him. I don’t get it. I’m not going to contact him until he contacts me but do you think he likes me or he just wanted sex and that’s it? I know sex isn’t everything but i blew his mind last night so I don’t get it. Any advice?
He hasn’t texted me after sex?
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