Why do guys act very interested and then cancel dates without giving a reason?

For several months I've been chatting online with a man who lives 2 hours away. During that time we had gaps in connecting until about a month ago when during a long chat he said he thought we had a strong chemistry, but had been cautious with each other and that he wanted to put that and any games aside and do something about it by giving a relationship a try. So we set a date. Due to scheduling conflicts on both sides, our date was set for 4 weeks out. The plan was for him to come to my city, which he readily agreed to do. During the last couple of chats, which he initiated, I commented that it looked like he had gone offline during the chats and he said no he was just invisible. He initiated the final chat with a comment about not having heard from me in a week. The chat was really sweet though. He said he was excited about meeting me and the chat ended very well, including talk of not just our initial date but also future dates. After that last chat I did not contact him for a week because of scheduling issues. The next week I sent him a couple of IMs, but he did not respond immediately as usual. I then sent him an e-mail and it was returned saying the account no longer exists. The service provider told me that he would not receive any IMs once the account was deactivated, but they could not give me the date of deactivation, which is understandable. I was just trying to determine whether he was getting my IMs and not answering them, or whether he was not hearing from me. We had met through an online dating service and I had previously noticed that he had taken his profile down. A few days ago I saw that he had put it back up. Had he not put his profile back up, I would have assumed he had met someone else. In the meantime, I did meet a couple of new men and had dates with them. I sent him an e-mail through the dating site asking whether he still wanted to meet and asked him to call me, because I had other dating options for the night of our date, although I really wanted to go out with Mr. Long Distance. I could see that he read the e-mails the day they were sent. Instead of going ahead and sending an e-mail cancelling the date, he took 2 days to respond. When he did respond he sent me an e-mail which said “This weekend isn’t going to work unfortunately. Let’s chat soon and come up with a time that does” with a smiley face at the end. Luckily for me, I accepted another date for the night we were supposed to meet, so I wasn't home fretting about the situation. He never contacted me again and offered no explanation for disappearing for two weeks which would have turned into disappearing forever but for the online dating site. Still, I admit that I'm pretty crazy about him and miss him a lot. The biggest thing is that I'd like to know what happened. Have I just been played pure and simple? I just want to know.

Why do guys act very interested and then cancel dates without giving a reason?
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