Redflags? Does he still like me? Relationship problems & social media?

This guy and I were friends for 3 years and then suddenly we started dating in nov of 2019. It started off good.
But in 2020 I got some weird vibes from him and thought he was lying to me. Okay so we used snapchat each other a lot and I used follow all his Instagram, he had like 3 differents one. (E. g tow private and one open one.)
But then thing's changed... back in feb 2020 I noticed he unfollow me on his private accounts. I asked about it and he said he decided to deactivate his private accounts.
So I was like okay thats cool. Thought nothing more of it.

But then I found later on in 2020 with my other account that he still those accounts active and my friend also confirmed that they are still active currently. I asked him whether he blocked me in 2020 he said "no I never blocked you. I deactivated/ deleted them."
I called out on all this and we broke up in 2020.

But to me it just feels like he's still lying to me, even now in 2021...
And we don't snapchat anymore much or he hardly message me anymore. YET HE STILL WANTS TO HAVE $EX WITH ME AND HANGOUT!!!

And says its a complicated relationship... What does this mean? I'm so confused... ughhhh
Like does he want to get back together... or is he just using me? But he also says there's still some feelings there.
I'm just so frustrated cos I've called him out on his bs and he's still lying to me even now in 2021
yet I know truth about everything...
Or maybe I'm just being insecure girl about all this... I don't know

I've told him I still care about him and how I still have feelings for him. But it just seems like he doesn't tell me how he feels back and just keeps me wondering...
but he says its a complicated relationship cos of our breakup. Does he want get back together? Like I think he still has feelings there tho... otherwise we wouldn't be makeout/$ex but then again it could just be physical and I hope not it's not the case.

Any advice would be good as he is my first relationship.
Thanks in advance xxx ♡
+1 y
Thanks guys for all your help. Turns out you guys are right. I was going to meet up with him to talk things over this Thursday and then he canceled last minute wanting to change it to Tuesday then canceled that too. Then said I'll get back to you in couple of weeks to meet up and talk. But then I found out that he's just blown me off for Thursday to see mates and even one my friends too 😐
Redflags? Does he still like me? Relationship problems & social media?
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