Why is he ignoring me?

My ex and I broke up just after he moved provinces. We had a big falling out, and after we broke up I thought we weren’t getting back together. About 3 weeks after our breakup, I hooked up with someone he’s *very* close with. My ex wanted me back but I knew I had to tell him what happened. It turned into a year of hell after that.

After finding out the truth, he cut off contact with me, but this was after he would call me drunk and either cry to me, get mad or just be a total dick. Then he jumped into a new relationship immediately after and we stopped contact completely.

He left his rebound girlfriend and started calling me again around Christmas time. He said he missed me, still loved me and thought about me all the time, and that other girl meant nothing to him. We agreed to get back together; however, it was long distance, and once we did, he went hot and cold. He would get mad about the past and bring up what happened constantly. It was either all love, or hate. He was also dealing with a lot of stress and financial issues at the time.

After that breakup, we didn’t talk for three months again. He ended up throwing himself into work and found something he enjoys doing. He ended up coming home to visit family on two occasions. He reached out to me the second time and he wanted to see me. I wasn’t sure where things were going to go, but I spent two days with him and his family while he was down. Things went smoothly and I could tell he still loved me.

While we were together, he kept saying he would be back in 5 weeks and that he wanted to see me again. He must have repeated that at least four or five times. I agreed and said I wanted to see him too.

It’s been 2 weeks after he left and we’ve barely had any contact. I didn’t want to contact him first, as to overwhelm him. Last night I texted him randomly and he responded. I then asked how he was and he didn’t reply at all.

Do I wait until he’s back to start communication up again? Why is he ignoring me?
Why is he ignoring me?
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