Why do guys ignore my follow requests?

Soo there’s a cute guy in one of my classes so i requested to follow him on instagram yesterday and most of the people in our class follow him so it seems normal, right? anyways my request is still pending which doesn’t make sense bc my friends followed him, one last week (he accepted within an hour), and one the same day as me but earlier in the day and he accepted and followed her back, pretty quickly (and note that he doesn’t know either of them). Whatever right, but no, this always happens to me when i request to follow guys at my school. they literally ignore my request (don’t accept or decline). i requested this other guy yesterday who my friend thinks is cute and he accepted other request but is ignoring mines. this is a pic of what my profile looks like when requesting, can someone tell me why this might be happening, this isn’t a one time occasion 😭 do any guys know why? and i don’t talk that much at school like i chat with my friends but i’m not loud and annoying i usually never talk to guys... i just idkkk
Why do guys ignore my follow requests?
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lmao so i was definitely overthinking this bc he accepted my request along with like 4 other people all at the same time. he didn’t follow back tho but i makes sense bc it seems like he doesn’t follow back most people he doesn’t really know...
Why do guys ignore my follow requests?
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