Why is my crush ignoring my friend request?

he's a shy guy to be honest. At school we talk. He gets on his phone only at night cause he studies and he's busy. But i can't understand why is he ignoring it. We always talk and he always seems to help me when i need help. We also always make eye contact. He stares at me and when i look at him he looks away and then when i turn he stares again. When we talk he also blushes. At he sometimes when we talk he looks at my eyes but can't look at them for a long time. When my best friend send him a request he accepted and followed her back on ig. Maybe he doesn't like me as a person but when somebody doesn't like u its obvious. He always around me and he helps when i need help. I don't know what's going inside his mind..
Why is my crush ignoring my friend request?
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