Old fuck buddy snapchatted me randomly?

So we were obviously fuck buddies back in November 2017. It ended due to the fact I caught feelings and I saw him hook up with another girl right in front of me and he went home and slept with her. I know fuck buddies you can do what you want but it hurt me.
We stopped talking coz I blocked him and months later he got in contact with me and tried to apologise and make things right. He was saying stuff like he really loved having me and as fuck buddy who he can also be friends with but I don’t believe that bullshit. By this time I was over him and that was it. We lost contact coz I made sure and that’s it.
3.5 years later tonight. I received a random Snapchat from him (I still kept him on Snapchat, we just didn’t communicate) it was a selfie of him saying he’s cold... now I can see he’s obviously trying to weasel his way back into my life. Would this be the case guys? Or do you think it just happens to be a selfie he’s literally sent to his entire friends list?
Why would you bother trying to rekindle a past fuck buddy relationship, I don’t see the point. Not after 3.5 years.
Old fuck buddy snapchatted me randomly?
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