My crush keeps pushing me away. What am I supposed to do?

I have this almost 2-year-old crush.
It's so obvious that he's uninterested in me, or is pushing me away for some reason
Whenever I text him, he doesn't make an effort to continue the conversation and replies with one or two words. One sentence at max.
We never called on the phone
I think he has a little trauma about relationships and commitment but I'm not sure.
He sometimes laugh at my jokes and initiated a convo a few times but that's it. Those convos were mostly school related and non-school related ones ended under than a minute.
But he sometimes do things that confuse me.

For example, in ELA, he and I were in a team. I was sitting at a table close to the corner. He usually sits away from me, even in the opposite direction. But that day, he brought his chair and sat so close to me that if I moved a little, our knees would touch.

But then he doesn't make an effort. He doesn't accept my follow request for his private instagram sub-account (I asked him to follow me back and that's how he and I follow each other on his public acc).

He only posts in his sub-account.

But then I am in the close friends list of his public acc.

He views my stories but don't react.

He never texts first

He never likes my photos.

He probably already knows that I am interested in him although I've tried to not show it.

I've also caught him looking at me a few times in the last couple of months

So long story short. He pushes me away. I at least want to be his friend that he easily talks to. What am I supposed to do? Whatever I've done until now is obviously ineffective.
My crush keeps pushing me away. What am I supposed to do?
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