Does his weird behavior mean anything or no?

Does his weird behavior mean anything or no?
There's a guy in my class at college who I've never really spoken to (except on a social media group about an assignment). And he didn't know who he was talking to then cause the classes were online only and I have no pic on the net.

We would avoid each other even since college began cause I make it I point that I'm not looking for relationships or anything. flash forward to 4th sem, his attitude seems to have changed a bit and the weird things I've noticed are:

- him trying to ask me about my name through a mutual friend who's a girl that he's currently with ( I'm mostly sure he knew about my name though, so I don't know what's his problem )

- him mispronouncing my name and not even listening to me when I correct him at the spot, even though it's common name used throughout the world tbh.

- him saying my name right the next time, but in an unusally low voice (he's outgoing, popular and loud generally) while handing me over one of the books which he was supposed to distribute to everyone.

-him physically getting in between me and another guy close enough to brush against my elbow (I was busy in the lab work, I wasn't paying attention to either!). I found it to be an invasion of personal space, and when I looked at him, agitated, he had his back towards me as though he had no idea what happened.

- he sat in front of me in one class, moving and yawning and stretching in his chair so much so that I felt like I had to change my seat to avoid having him in my eye-line

- he seemed to slow down at the stairs even though he was ahead of me and i know he's faster than me. I didn't want us to go side by side lol so I slowed my pace even more as if to negate what he was doing.. he then flew down 2-3 stairs at I time like guys normally do when they're being themselves, maybe he got the hint xD. when we got down stairs, he turned around 360 casually while walking and then continued on his way.

kinda annoyed but curious. Is there a method to this madness?

Does his weird behavior mean anything or no?
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