What does he want?

We know each other since we were 9/10 years old. We started talking when we were 17. We talked very little. Nothing more than necessity. After 6/7 month break at the age of 19 I started talking to him again. Gradually we started talking about everything. He is a introvert, funny, shy person. He only laughs and talks seriously to his closest friends. We are not in love sort of relationship. He shares own information or thoughts with me that he would never utter before other people. In many ways he proved i am important to him. Once i made it clear that i do not want to be his duty or i do not want him to do anything for me because he feels like he should. I didn't want to be burden, i wanted to be HIS WANT. So, I never push him. When i want to know anything i precisely ask. Sometimes he doesn't answer and goes to another topic and i do not interfere. If he replies too late i never ask where he has been or why he didn't reply. If he tells me that he went to this or that place or shows me pictures i do not ask with whom he went or why. Twice/thrice or more in years when we wanted space we used to say each other "i am going for a break. Talk to you later." This break used to last for 2-5 days. It was ok until now. In last 3 months we didn't even had conversation for 10 days in total. He is going to breaks , after 14-20 days later comes, talks normally as if nothing happened then 2/3 days later again declares another break. If there is anything urgent he asked me to text him. He is still in break. It's day number 21. If he comes back should i ask? if i ask what should i ask?
What does he want?
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