Friends with benefits, f#ck buddy or more?

So I met this guy 3 mo ago at the bar with my friends and we ended up spending the whole night together just driving around and talking, we ended the night kissing and exchanging numbers. Since that night we’ve talked every day, I even made a trip to see him in his hometown 4 hours away and we spent a whole weekend together. He comes into town for a couple days for work every couple of months, we hook up, and even hang out just talking for hours before hand or after. We both agreed that we didn’t want anything serious because his job and my life is complicated so we agreed it would be best. But this past weekend when he came in we hooked up, and after we were through I left but he began texting me that he would have been content just cuddling with me instead of hooking up and states that he really cares about me. I’m just confused because I want to avoid either of us getting hurt, and his signals are very back and forth. I just want to know if this is some kind of mind game to keep me around or if he genuinely has feelings bc I don’t see the point of playing mind games with a long distance friends with benefits.
Friends with benefits, f#ck buddy or more?
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