Why do men do this?

Met this amazing guy around 2 months ago and we hit it off so well. He’s a sweetheart and adorable and so caring and always there for me. However, recently, he’s become extremely flakey. He’s quite busy with 2-3 part time jobs but before he always made time for me and took breaks and we video called everyday at night and had virtual dates where we would dress up nice and order the same food and eat with each other on call. However recently, we barely get a chance to talk and he’s always busy and doesn’t reply for hours and hours and falls asleep on calls. I understand he’s busy and all but then why would he give me so much attention in the beginning? It takes 2 seconds for someone to message saying “hey I am having a busy day will text you once I am done” and he used to do this but now comes back after hours saying he was loaded with work. And then the next morning he feels bad and sends me a long apology paragraph. It just hurts. But if I take more than 2 hours to reply he double messages and asks me where I am at. Even few nights ago he called me and we spoke for 5 mins and then he said he would call me back but then sends me a message at 7 am saying he fell asleep meanwhile I waited 4 hours for him. But then yesterday he messages me saying “can we get back to calling a lot every night? I miss it” and I don’t know what is going on cause he’s the flakey one. He has a great personality but he’s awfully flakey and I feel like he doesn’t respect my time much. (we are in different countries because of COVID-19 atm) what do you guys think?
Why do men do this?
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