I blocked him. Where my actions justified?


I met this guy 2 months ago and last night I blocked him on everything in order to start healing and moving on. Our time together was volatile.
when we first started dating he was still heavily involved with his ex., I. e they spoke once a week on FaceTime so he could see their 2-year old cat. The ex was still in love with him cause when she found out he was dating me she was extremely angry to the point she tried to contact me on multiple social media channels. He was also still in touch with her parents.
Anyways, we officially broke up, not because all those red flags above made me walk away, no, it was because of his lack of communication skills.
Whenever we had even the slightest disagreement he would not want to talk about it and he would ignore it. He told me once he knows he’s bad at communicating because when he was younger he learned how to deal with emotions through friends at high school.
Nonetheless, we have previously argued and he would just stop talking. Earlier this week we had a date, after the date we got into a disagreement and both of us walked away mad. we sorted the issue next day.
On Friday again we had an issue and I asked him to talk to me and he ignored me and walked away. I told him if he walks away from this I’m done. He called me dramatic and refused to talk. I texted him telling him I’m upset with the events of tonight and how I hate how he ignores again. He refused to acknowledge my feelings and said ‘he’s looking for someone to build something with, but not in a toxic environment.’. He also accused me of making threats all night - because I said I’d leave if we didn’t sort our issue out.
I feel so drained of this so I blocked him last night and have no intentions ever to unblock or reach out.
I blocked him. Where my actions justified?
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