Did I embarrass myself?

I was riding my bike through town and got tired so I lay my bike against a wall and took a rest on the step... Then some guy was walking past and asked me if I'm alright, I was like yeah (nods)
Then he said... "Make sure you get home alright"
And my brain short circuited.. I have social anxiety disorder so I'm always rushing to think of a reply... The first thing to come to my mind was "I'm not homeless or anything" so I said that.
He jus said "you're not? O ok"

Wtf was I thinking? "I'm not homeless or anything"
? What a stupid fucking response... He probably wasn't even thinking I'm homeless...

.. I'm cringing so much in embarrassment now thinking back to my reply 😑😑 he probably thinks I'm a retard... See.. this is why I always stay inside and never go outside... I always end up embarrassing myself
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1 mo
Should of jus said nothing when he told me to get home alright
Did I embarrass myself?
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