I like a quiet guy. How can I catch his eye?

So, there's this guy I've fallen pretty hard for considering the fact that I've only said one sentence to him irl. You see, we do text a lot but it is all about school related stuff.
The guy's reserved, quiet and pretty smart. When he speaks tho, i was surprised to find out he has a sarcastic and savage side. Which makes him all the more attractive to me.
I think he's definitely gotten the vibe that i like him. And he seems to be pretty sweet to me still. I made a slambook for the entire class just so i could get to know him. He likes blue, yellow snub-nosed monkeys, anime, and he has trypophobia, if that helps.
He is supe cute, but i simply want to befriend him first and foremost. thats all i want. To have him as my guy best friend.
Any tips on how?
I like a quiet guy. How can I catch his eye?
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