Does a friend secretly love my co worker?

So a male friend at work constantly teases or picks on a female friend I work with. Whenever he sees her, he riles her up because she's kind of fiery and he seems to love getting her worked up. Whenever I or another co worker are around, he'll pull us in to join in, " see what she did now?" Kind of thing. I'll be talking to her and he has to join in, to what seems like get her attention on him. If another person is talking to her, and it's around him, he also starts in on her. I've caught him watching her and then other times it seems like he completely snubs her. He picks on us all, teases us when we screw up at work, makes fun when we talk, but no where close to as much as her. It's almost like he lights up when he sees her. I have seen him defend her though but I guess he tries to watch out for all the girls at the office.
Most likely yes, clearly he wants her and might secretly have feelings
Nope, I'm thinking too much about it.
That's just what he's like with everyone obv
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Does a friend secretly love my co worker?
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