What does it mean when a guy is comfortable talking to you?

Like normally he does not really talk to other girls except for 1 or 2 but he talks to me more easily...

I'm a black girls, He's a white guy


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  • I have very similar situation.

    The answer is I only do that because I found a girl that I can trust that she will not judge me and make me feel more comfortable.


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  • normally when a guy feels comfortable around a girl it means exactly that. he feels at ease, not pressured, this comes sometimes with a guy trusting the girl enough to open himself up as a true friend and confidant. it could also mean he likes you enough to feel comfortable around. at present time maybe just as a friend , however this depends on if your interested in it deleloping into something more and your feelings towards him. it would seem that because you've expressed this questions you may be interested in that. are you comfortable around him as well even though he's white and your black. . I'm assumming that the age bracket (18-24) that last year of hi school or in college.

    other than feeling comfortable around you has he shown any body language or signs that you might have noticed to say that he may have futher feelings for you.

    • -leans in closer when I talk to him

      -gives me blank stares longer than 2 seconds


    • do a google on shy guys body language and signals read at least 6 or more articles from each group. you'll learn so much more about this guy from what he doesn't say than what he may actually says.

      body language doesn't lie

      someone can say verbially they don't like someone but body language will give them away every time

  • it means that he likes you :)


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  • it means he's comfortable around you, like one of the guys