Why would a guy not text you even though he acts interested in person?


He acts SUPER nice and very into you in person... he just doesn't text you.

I tried texting like 3 times (NOT at once - spaced way out over a few weeks). First time, he did indeed answer the next day and he sent a relatively normal message with a touch of sweetness and included emojis at the end (including several hearts). I felt pretty alright about that. So I tried texting again at a later time. Nothing. I figured busy or phone issues (he uses a really outdated phone). I text again weeks later, no response again. I don't try to text now.

We see each other often in person. He behaves normally every time. He seeks me out in the group and wants to talk to me. If I don't go to him, he will come over to me. He wants to hug me A LOT (minimum 2-3 times per visit, sometimes 4). The hugs are very warm/close/tight. He makes tons of eye contact and maintains it while we talk. He smiles a lot. He asks me questions (like how was your day, how was work, etc.). He always tells me he's glad to see me. I've seen him brush other people off in order to go to me.

When I tried texting, it was in between hang outs (but definitely not after EVERY hang out - as I've said, they were very spaced out). He didn't respond, then acted very excited to see me in person and wanted to be sure I'd be at the next meet up. He says he's looking forward to seeing me again. He never even acknowledged getting the text from me either time. The texts I sent were not weird or annoying. I just sent basic "It was nice seeing you" type messages. Basic things to reach out yet not be pushy or overbearing.

It kind of makes me feel like maybe he isn't interested in me since we don't text. Then again, he is not much of a technology/social media type of person. He tries to avoid it as much as possible.

I do wish we could text even just sometimes in between visits to keep in touch better/talk more.

Could this be because he's nervous or shy? Why wouldn't he text... yet behave how he does in person?

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He also compliments me (mostly on my clothes and the perfume I wear). And he calls me by name a lot or calls me his "dear" (sometimes uses "my dear" and my name together - like "____ my dear" or "my dear ____".
Why would a guy not text you even though he acts interested in person?
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