Is my boyfriend a pervert?


I’m in a relationship with a guy. We’ve known each other for about a year and a half. We started out as friends and messaged on and off. Over the last few months we’ve both been messaging a lot more and we are finally going to visit each other soon.

I’ve noticed that this guy keeps making cheeky comments when I’m talking to him, and making offensive jokes. Like when I told him I shower with the door open he said “I would just walk in anyway” and he also keeps making dirty jokes about us together. So I know that that’s not entirely what he says to me. We also have normal conversation as well as this. He also makes comments about my body too, and also makes “grrr” noises as a joke in a flirty way. Sometimes when he does this, it makes me feel rubbish about myself and objectified. He’s made jokes about me being so “hot” that I have to get searched at an airport. Sometimes he even acknowledges it himself and says “sorry that was inappropriate”. If I tell him I’m at the gym and I’m wearing a white shirt, he will say “that’s not what colour is your bra?”. He’s also said to me “I bet you have a nice bum because you work out so much.” I’ve also noticed he will bring up other random girls, like he tells me about this girl who he’s noticed going to the gym regularly. He talks about female colleagues who hit on him and who he flirts back with.

Is he a pervert?

Is my boyfriend a pervert?
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