Why are men so hurtful?

So I broke up with my first boyfriend last year and I recently started saying someone else. My first boyfriend was my first in literally everything but however he started getting a bit controlling and emotional abusive. So I posted a picture of the new person I'm seeing and my ex saw it and called me. This man goes off about how the other guy is using me and he expected nothing else from me moving on so fast and that I'll never learn that no one wants me as I am now and I should've stayed with him so I could grow and that I'm an udiot and he was just using me for sex. And I'm my head is light and that I'm easy to fuck after all of this and me silently listening he hangs up and calls me back like 30 mins later being all nice then says he wants to see me and have sex. Like what in the world is wrong with some people. I'm just tired.

1 y
Then when I confront him about the call earlier and if he thinks I'm crazy he says not to take anything he says seriously and he was just mad.
Why are men so hurtful?
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