What kind of behavior is this?

Hi everyone!

So I had a few calls and one date with a man from Hinge. For me, it was like love at first site. I was into him so fast. Smart, witty, kind, handsome. He seemed very emotionally available as he stayed on the phone with me for hours and asked me a ton of relationship questions. The only thing I found to be a red flag was that, he didn’t really believe in marriage. For me, I know I don’t want kids but I haven’t truly thought if marriage is for me. So instead of letting him go, I decided to keep in contact. We set a second date for 2 weeks after the first date, since we were both very busy. In between that time, he texted me every day, asking me questions, and he would call me every so often and we’d stay on the phone for hours.

The last phone call took place two days before the second date was scheduled to happen. He told me he likes to date one person at a time, see if they’re a match, and then move on if they are not. I told him that I just started to multi-date. He then tells me he doesn’t understand modern dating these days, because he’s not a multi-dater. Anyway, the next day I reached out to see if our date was still on. He then calls me and tells me “I’m sorry, but I think I’m going to leave the dating scene. I’m not into multi-dating. I think it’s dangerous to swap spit and so many people have std’s and sti’s these days. I hope you have a great day and find what you’re looking for. I’d love to stay in touch.” I really didn’t know what to say, so I said “Thanks for being honest. So you’re done with dating apps? What are you going to do?” He says “I might do arrangements. I’ll go on dates with people but it won’t turn into a relationship or go anywhere.” Lol. I found this strange and it totally caught me off guard. I’m annoyed because I liked him so much.

I’d love some of your thoughts. He showed tremendous interest for 3 weeks and couldn’t go through with a second date. I’d love to avoid this kind of thing again in the future. Thank you!

What kind of behavior is this?
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