Does my guy friend from work wanna fuck me?

Hi guys! I’m 28, guy friend is younger 22. He said I could sleepover last night if I want, he said I could sleep on the couch or his bed or whatever etc. we got drunk and were watching a movie and he’s said in the past I’m really pretty he’s also said he wouldn’t wanna date a coworker. He recently keeps making comments about quitting soon. So I slept over and in my sleep at one point his arm was laying on mine then I think he woke up or whatever and moved away a little but this happened again. Do you think he wanted something to happen physically or what are his motives potentially?

6 mo
so he saw me looking at Tiffany and co necklaces and he has some cash cus he’s getting a new car soon and said “you know I could literally buy you one right now” I would never let him and of course he’s using it for his car but doesn’t him saying that mean something? He also heard me tell someone I want a Stanley for school and he told me not to buy one so he can get me one, we both had bdays recently so we’d be swapping gifts not just him spending money on me but isn't that boyfriend behavior?
Does my guy friend from work wanna fuck me?
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