Attracted/interested or just chilvarous?

This has been hanging in my (28F) head and I guess I'm just very curious to find out what other men think about the situation.

Was at a work drinks on a Friday afternoon and a few of us decided to go out dancing after. This colleague offered to drive me home (about a 15min drive) so I could drop off my bag and get ready before heading out again. He then dropped me off at another colleague's place in the city where everyone was meeting for pre drinks, before he drove home to get ready (short walk from his).

After a while we left the house to head out, he noticed I was looking cold so offered to walk home (about 15min from where we were) to grab his hoodie for me. We had a lot of fun that night with everyone, most people eventually left between 12-1am and we were the only two left on the dance floor until the bar closed around 3am. We were quite tipsy/drunk, danced intimately the whole night. After we left the bar I was looking for another bar to go into to use the bathroom, he saw a scooter on the street and suggested we headed back to his place cause it was nearby (not too sure of the sequence of things here, thought he might have just wanted to offer me to use his bathroom, but either way I did say no cause I was still conscious that we're coworkers and he is apparently in a LDR).

Anyway, I've since transferred interstate and we're no longer in contact by any means. It's just whenever I think back to this night I wonder if he was just being nice out of chivalry or if he was attracted to me and the alcohol lowered his inhibition. We hadn't known each other for that long and didn't work too closely.


Attracted/interested or just chilvarous?
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