What do you think of this guy's behaviour?

So a few months ago I ended my long term relationship, the last year have been very suffocating and heavy and at the moment I don't want anything serious.

I have a guy friend who also ended a relationship a year ago with an obsessive girl (when he broke up with her she stalked and threatened him) and he says that he isn't looking for serious relationships because the last one has been very stressful for him.

When I told him that I was single he started inviting me to events, also with his friends (we never hung up alone and we are in an another group of friends) and to seek physical contact with me (brushing against me, touching my arm, nothing sexually direct).

After few weeks we had sex (I initiated) and since then we hang out 2/3 times a week and he almost every time sleeps at my place. At the beginning he was very "cold" physically (not cuddling with me or kissing much) but now he is more soft and reciprocates. Also he keeps inviting me to events or parties (some are taking place in months) and we talked about going abroad this winter for a concert. Next week he'll move to his own apartment and he already invited me to come and we talked about movies and games that we can watch and play. He also told me that if I want I can leave there some of my stuff without problems. Lastly, we talked a lot about his last relationship and he told me things that he never told to anybody else.

What do you think of his behaviour? He keeps saying that he doesn't want relationships for some years so he sees me only as company/friend? Usually I'm good at understanding people but he kinda confuses me 😅

What do you think of this guy's behaviour?
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