I feel so depressed and I don't value life, she was all I had for more than 7 years, please help me.

well here is the story. We broke up 2 months ago, it got really bad with her and her family and she went with a rebound right away. She's with another guy now. Well I had tickets for a concert schedule for last week. She said it was too soon to hang out and it wouldn't be fair to me or the guy she's seeing. We send emails only by the way. She however talked to me so nice last weekend on emails & I gave her the tickets so her and her best girlfriend could go. I put em in my mailbox as I saw her and her best friend pick them up. We didn't see each other though. Well I don't know how she can have respect for her boyfriend if she came for the tickets. I'm sure her boyfriend doesn't know. She said maybe sometime in the future we could hang out but that now it was too soon and it wouldn't be fair to her boyfriend or me right now :(

well I'm just wondering if she really cares for this guy seeing how she came to get the tickets when before that, she wasn't even emailing me until the weekend so that she could get the tickets from me. She somehow convinced me so instead of her going with me, she goes with her girl. She was really grateful the next day though. and just 4 days ago I sent her an email and told her I wanted to get her a present for Christmas but it was up to her, even if she didn't wanna see me, I would drop it off at her front door.

I also told her 2tell her little sister happy birthday as well. She replied with this:

"Aww wow - thank you very much, my little sis will appreciate that =D also, yea I was thinking about your mom & her birthday yesterday, tell her happy birthday too if she'd b okay with that..lol you are very kind & I'm glad to hear that all has been going well, esp with those programs..well I thought the same about you with gifts & really its up to you & I wasn't sure if I should either lol glad to hear from u, & again thank you thank you 4 the concert tix, very kind of you =) take care!"

she knows I always wanted2get her an Ipad, I got it but I'm not sure now I wanna give it2her. I cried a lot2day.I miss her. I really shouldn't give her the touch pad. I checked her BFs page and his main picture has him and my ex ex 6 year old little sister :( it broke my heart to see that. I wish we could go out to dinner for Christmas but I know she won't. It seems she's happy with him. I don't know why she says she's thinking of giving me a present as well :'(
I feel so depressed and I don't value life, she was all I had for more than 7 years, please help me.
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