Why is my friend so conceited?

All she ever does is talk about how hot she is, talk about herself all the time, etc. etc. Whenever there is a conversation she ALWAYS brings it back to be about herself...she does this with other people! She's a pretty girl but she's not gorgeous to me or anything like that. She makes it seem as if she's the most gorgeous girl to walk the earth.

She keeps complaining about how she can't find a boyfriend or husband. She'll be like "Why can't I stop looking at my picture? I'm so hot...why am I single? I don't get it"

I told her "Personality maybe" She said "Are you saying my personality is crappy?" LOL

When will she ever learn? I think this is why she's been single for years. She finds dates sure but they always leave her ass on the second date.
Why is my friend so conceited?
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