How do girls lose interest in a guy?

I have no idea what makes girls lose interest in a guy they used to like.

What makes a girl get over a guy she likes? Why do they lose interest?

I'm not being specific here- so can anyone give me a general idea of how girls lose interest in guys?


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  • For me. its like this. 1)I don't ask guys out. And if longer than a few months go bye and he still hasn't asked me out. I start telling myself he isn't worth the time. Soon I believe it and I just could care less about him. 2) If you start getting all emotional about confidence issues you have. Its fine once in a while if we have been dating for years. But your a man. Get up and be one. 3) If you asked me out VIA email, text message, Facebook ect. or you confessed your desire to date me in those forms forget it. That is geeky and less than a man and just makes you look sad and desperate. 4) Stalkerish is a no no. If you wanna hang out with me ask me to hang out make plans invite people and groups over. Don't just randomly start going to everything I do. Just open your mouth and tell ( in person) hey lets hang out later this week and make plans THEN! Never make last minute plans don't ask a girl on a date the night of the date or the night before. PLAN. And never say " so what do you wanna do?" PLAN OUT THE DATE BEFORE HAND! If I ever got that remark. I would walk out of the car and go back into my house. If you wanna date make the effort.


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  • Generally how I lose interest in a guy is if I am trying to show interest and the guy does not show it back. It makes me think he's not interested so I cry my eyes out and then I move on haha. We will lose interest if the guy seems to be uninistered in us. Or if a girl likes a really hot guy and she finds out he's stupid or that's he's disrespectful, that will make her lose interest too. If a guy flirts with other girls or talks about other girls around us and we like him, it will make us give up hope. We don't always necessarily lose interest, we just give up the hopes of ever going out with him. It takes some girls a really long time to fully get over a guy. And then some girls can get over a guy in a day or two. Although it may seem like a girl has lost interest, she may have just given up hope and she could still like you.

  • Here are a few reasons why a girl would suddenly lose interest in a guy:

    1) We find out you're not sincere and your motives are just to get into our pants.

    2) You are a jerk and hit on/date other girls while dating us and keeping it a secret, just be upfront please.

    3) You lied.

    4) We realize that there is no common interests and so there is no conversation.

    5) You start getting really clingy, which scares us off.

    6) You have too much baggage and are an emotional mess that we just can't deal with it.

    7) You cheat.

    8) You are way too into yourself, bragging and talking all about you and only you.

    9) You never show us an affection and or that you care about us.

    10) You make us cry more than we smile.

    Those are a few examples of why a girl would lose interest in a guy, from my experiences anyway. Hope that helps :)

    • Oh I forgot some important ones lol

      11) You start acting crazy, almost psychotic because you like us so much, it's really creepy and scary so try to control yourself.

      12) You are a jealous person.

  • It might be that they think the guy likes someone else


    something that the guy said might have offended the girl or hurt them

  • Because the become perdictable and boreing!

  • First possibility is that she doesn't really lose the interest but she actively tries to get over the guy. This happens if

    1. she finds out he has a girlfriend or is interested in other girls

    2. she is tired of waiting that something happens and loses hope

    Second possibility is that she loses the interest without heartache. This happens if

    3. he screwed up by doing something bad

    4. hormonally induced infatuation ends after some months.

    hope this helped


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  • bitches be feeling entitled these days... Forget everything any of these girls are saying. Treat them like you treat any human being, do not put them on a pedastal. Do not give into their BS. Do not let them change you and always be prepared to walk away.

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