Girls liking jerks versus nice guys?

I just now found a question asking why do girls not like nice guys but instead end up with assholes. I very much disagree with that question but instead believe that it only seems that way and so I wrote a kinda long answer about that. Here it is:

1) people often remember stuff that doesn't make any sense and/or shouldn't happen. girls shouldn't want bad guys/assholes/jerks but some do and because of the ones that do many guys think that most - if not all - girls do.

2) guys who end up being jerks usually don't seem that way when they're first meeting girls they want to attract because, well, they want to attract them. they seem really cool and friendly until they got them then they show their true colors. unfortunately girls get attached to these guys and so they usually still want to be with them even with their jerkful ways.

3) nice guys are usually also shy and insecure guys. they hope that the girl they like likes them back, but they have a hard time doing anything about it and wonder why the girl isn't all over them. guys who are jerks are also usually very confident and, thus, easily get girls to fall for them.

I bet there are other reasons that it seems like girls like jerks versus nice guys but these are the main three that I can think of right now.

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I also forgot to mention that some nice guys aren't shy but rather overly-friendly especially to the girl they like, which usually is just annoying.
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a site I had just found that has good articles about these so-called "nice guys" who complain about girls not liking nice guys: link
Girls liking jerks versus nice guys?
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