What do I do when my girlfriend is depressed, confused, and needs her space.

I am 21 and have had a girlfriend of two years just break up with me because she needs her space. She is changing her major in school, her sister just miscarried, she lost her best friend from childhood, and she is depressed. She told me she needs her space. I told her I would respect her decision and back off. About a month ago we broke up and she figured some things out and ran back to me and cried saying she missed me. Then she remained depressed and it tore me apart to see her like that. I tried everything to make her happy. She was number one on my priorities, but then she came to me and we just broke up again. She says she needs more time. The day after she broke up with me, she came back for school related issues...we are involved in the same activities and she missed a meeting so I was going to fill her in...strictly professional and nothing more than a friend. I talked to her close friend and thought she was cheating on me, turns out she still loves me and broke up with me because she can't start to become happy with herself when every time she sees me she feels so horrible because she can see how bad it hurts me that I can't help her through this depression and low time in her life. She was hurt that I thought that she was cheating on me and said that she was in no way in a place to cheat on the one person that she loves. She is really confused and there is a lot of stuff happening in her life.

Should I do what I have been doing and respecting her space by not contacting her? or should I give her a week or two and then check in on her? I know she still loves me and the last thing she wants to do is add more drama to her life by cheating. Why can't I seem to understand why she can't do this "solving" of herself with me? I have talked to a lot of girls and they seem to all understand, but all the guys I talked to don't ... What is happening? Will she come back?
What do I do when my girlfriend is depressed, confused, and needs her space.
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