8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods


A girl on their period may be the combination for disaster and catastrophe for the guys who were brave enough or unlucky to cross their paths in those five days they spend cursing mother nature for the unrelenting discomfort.

Its not something you can prevent or stop really if you're a girl and though pregnancy gives a nine month period break, it will eventually come back.

In our struggle for comfort, we do some of the most bizarre things without noticing or maybe we do notice, but we are unable to offer a reasonable explanation as to why we do it.

1. Lying curled up in a particular position.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

There are different definitions for fatal. A fatal blow to head by a high power weaponry, a fatal chronic disease that threatens to take your life over or even fatal consequences for whatever decision you made.

This pain is different in the sense where men will never know this deep, weird pain that women feel.

2. Staring defiantly at a male shop assistant when you buy supplies.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

No one really cares but its the strong and mysterious feeling you get from the defiance. Its not a mystery.

3. Experiencing at least three different emotions in the span of one minute.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

That really can't be helped.

4. Looking in horrified awe to see whatever carnage you wrecked in the toilet.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

5. Going through unnecessary torment when you need to change.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

6. Knowing who you can truly count on in this time of difficulty.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

7. Adapting new wardrobes to prevent accidents.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

8. But still feeling incredibly paranoid every time you stand up.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods

Nature's own reverse physiology.

8 Things That Girls Subconsciously Do On Their Periods
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rissyanne
    I am 52 and still have a period. Oh... how I can't wait for menopause. It has just gotten so much worse as I get older. I have thought about a hysterectomy... but I am trying to hold on and wait for menopause. Sometimes I feel like I am going die. The first picture you posted is the way I am when I am on my period. Great take...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting!
    I wonder how boyfriends could help their girlfriends on their period.
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    • lumos

      By being nice, not joking about how hormonal she is, and not telling her how gross you (might) think periods are. Also you could get her some snacks if you want to.
      But in general though I myself prefer to just be treated normally while I'm on my period.

    • @lumos sounds reasonable to say the least. 🤔...👩 🤗

      Those upvotes. I didn't expect them.

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  • nerdybooklover
    My first period i had to go to the hospital bc i was in that much pain, the doctors thought it was my appendix! but turns out i was becoming a women DX now i go through the the same pain every month for a week and im only 15! i hate that i have to live with this... sometimes the pains THAT bad i wish i was dead ;(
    • One time i was in class and asked to go to the bathroom and took my bag and the teachers like "why are u taking ur bag?" i looked at her in the eyes and she's like ".. o-or u need to.." and this was in front of the whole class! i DIED that day XD

    • azzntittiz

      Sounds like me when I started, I thought I was dying when I first got it, but my dad knew it was my period, so I wasn't taken to the hospital. For the rest of my life, I struggle with this shit like I was a bad person in my past life.

    • azzntittiz

      Take Ponstan pain killers, eat chocolate bar and listen to music, try to be by yourself and don't stress yourself with unnecessary conversations. I hear it gets better after childbirth.

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  • bellpepprs
    Also this art is horrendous. I am not a big fan of those crappy artists out there that only draws 'relatable situations' (i. e bathroom problems, period problems, thigh chafting, someone waving at someone behind you). After a while, it becomes redundant and generic.
  • azzntittiz
    I can agree with all except being ashamed to buy my supplies. They can see these boobs, they know I bleed and so do every other women.
    Plus if you buy a lot of pads, they serve you longer so you don't need to do it every month.
    Also try not to buy them when you're on it, that's why you're self conscious. At least if you buy them when you're perky and not menstruating, you can feel better about it even if they stare.
  • PrincessPie
  • FatherJack
    I have the approaching joy of dealing with my daughters imminent periods.. she is 11 , so right around the corner , I'm a single dad too , so thanks for the insights. Mind you , in the past , have had GF's that were sex crazy during " red week " , surely that is a hiccup of nature , ovulation I get that... but mid- period? Any other ladies experienced this?
    • Their a period apps for period that did help me keep track of my cycle eg period cycles.

  • freakyzeaky
    I am always down to give my woman a lower backrub when she is going through her menses. It seems to help a little. It is a good skill for men to learn how to handle a woman's mood swings when she is on her period. I would suggest keeping a calendar for your woman's cycle so you can know when she might be going through it so you don't have to wonder or aren't taken by surprise by her moods. It also helps if you are trying to conceive...
  • vishna
    lol these are awesome.
    dunno how many times I've thought I look like a wreck and fear standing up and there's absolutely nothing there.
    1 is no laughing matter XD one time I passed out on the bathroom floor, legs on door bc it was comfortable #nopainpillsanddying
  • Want2Know2
    I have to honestly say: I'm sometimes in so much pain that my eyes well up with tears and it looks like it's for no reason but it's really because I'm in a lot of pain.
  • RegularTK421
    Poor women. That's when her man gets her snacks, and caters to her as she lays in bed all day in sweatpants if she doesn't have to work.
  • Oceania
    this is so me. number 1 with 6 is like me to the T when I have pains.7 and 8 like all the tiiime. 3 is me before my period
  • watisgoingon
    I love taking care of a woman on her period. its pretty sweet. I do not however enjoy the yelling for no damn reason
  • Political_dude
    Where's the "Chocolate" thing? I was told women love eating chocolate and you haven't mentioned anything about it
  • All thise are me except #2 im too embarassed to look the guy clerk in the face
  • oddwaffle
    Like a wise man once said

    "Stay away from those women when they are on their period. Seek shelter from your enemies. They will ward off those women. For a while."
  • oOsecret_starlandsOo
    Ha ha the toilet carnage is awful. It looks like you threw a dead animal in there.
  • lumos
    Haha yeah I've done most of these. Love the little illustrations.
  • butvolca
    Thanks for sharing what you guys have to go through while on periods. Really informative and lots of respect to you! 😊
  • ghostqueen
    I'll just start making noises a wounded animal would make and then snap out of until the pain gets bad again.
  • SullyB
    Excellent take, I would defenitly take care of someone on their period. I do take care of my mum already lol!
  • cinderelli
    LOL.. very accurate and the gifs/memes are so funny 😂
  • undoubtedlyconfusedG
    HAHA so damn true. Especially 4, 5, and 8. Sometimes 7 because I try so hard to feel confident during that time
  • Mexicoman101
    This is pretty much what I imagined women must go through, with periods. Minus the bit about lying in a particular position.
  • chancellor
    I was like, is all this true?
    Now I wonder why aren't the girls domwn there told that it's true, getting upvtes.
  • Saccharissa
    Huh, apparently I suck at this whole having-a-vagina thing...
  • Prof_Don
    This is why GaG is useful... I would have no idea what it is like to have a bleeding vagina on a cyclical basis. :-P
  • star-skit
    The paranoid one is too true ToT I can't live without tying a jacket around my waist
  • LegateLanius
    I've helped female friends get their toiletries and such, it's not embarrassing.
  • I try to hold my coughs and sneezes lmao you forgot to add that
  • lost_girl2000
    So so true!!! Excellent job!
  • CT_CD
  • samhradh_leannan
    Yep. All of these are true.
  • themetalhead
    I relate to it all man XD
  • omgjassy
    Hahahahah, I do everything except for number 2.
  • imjustashadow
    fuck, i can relate to this so bad 😂
  • hasrett
    I only ever do number 1 out of all these.
  • pleasestopthis
    I just found out I'm a dude.
  • xZoeyx
    Lol yesss
  • NourSy
    wow what led me here :o
  • dwiller943
    Lol. So true for me. Besides 3 and 6.
  • LilPump2178
    Lmao bro this is low key me!!
  • Revolver_
    Very interesting...
  • Flower-petal
    Funny AF
  • Anonymous
    That last one has happened to me 😑
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Eww. I think I'll stay single. Or limit my relationships to three weeks.
  • Anonymous
    Good summary!
  • Anonymous
    That really describes me.
  • Anonymous
    hahaha those pictures, Thanks for the laughs! There is more that we do subconciously. Not here to frighten the guys away..
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, I can be very irritable! :/
  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't say a lot of these things are subconscious, I do practically all of these consciously. Nice take though, very accurate