How to React to Girls on Their Periods

Girls On Periods, The Pain Days

So, I just wanted to do a little chat about how I feel about girls, women or whatever you would like to address them as and their periods.

Typically from past experiences I have found the following behaviours when a girl is on her period:

Depressed/ upset

Craving/ really hungry

Do actually want chocolate a lot

Seem to want hugs more often

Show obvious signs of pain like flinches and twitching

Lower sense of humour, this is most likely due to the fact they are focused on the pain

Much more emotionally fragile in general

But this thing where guys seem to think that when a girl is on her period means she will immediately be bitchy or angry as fuck is actually something I have NEVER come across!

I think that this is something which I should tell guys or girls who think this a common thing but it isn't a 100% accurate behaviour, sure some girls may get grouchy when on their periods but can you blame them? Instead of legging it and hiding from them or saying they are being moody, try and comfort them and make their shitty day be at least a little bit better.

How to React to Girls on Their Periods

Most of the time I find that the girls I know in my current educational area will be snacking on things like galaxy bars, bountys and hugging themselves like in this photo, when I see this I most commonly give a bit of humour to make them smile and hug them but occasionally, SOMETIMES, I will surprise them if I know one day ahead that it has started I will buy them a lot of chocolate for the next day at college so they have the stuff they need and I always make sure I buy one of each so that there is no lack of interest in a certain one.

How to React to Girls on Their Periods

If a girl is showing signs like this photo, don't just walk away or avoid her. Go sit with her and let her talk with you, ask her about how bad it has been recently, recommend things you think might help, I usually recommend hot water bottles and hot bean bags wrapped in a thin towel.

I understand that some people think, "Oh, they're on their period, better leave them to it as they don't want me invading their privacy" But you aren't invading privacy if you siply ask how they are feeling and if they want you to cover for a practical task the teacher asked her to do, just offer to do it for her and it's just a act of kindness <3

And, girls, this part is for you.

You don't have to keep this pain to yourself, if you are hurt then it's okay to talk with a friend about it and at least share your pain with someone instead of keeping it all balled up and making yourself into a emotional mess.

I understand some girls don't want to share but to those out there who feel like they aren't allowed or that the topic just shouldn't be mentioned, don't be afraid to talk with a friend about it and just let them hear you out about how it's going.

How to React to Girls on Their Periods
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  • EmmaMary
    This is by far the very best MyTake I have ever seen on here dealing with this subject, and for it to be put together in such a well thought out, caring and understanding way by a guy is even more remarkable.
    Well done and huge amounts of kudos to you.
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    • OMG!!!

      This comment has to be the best so farr!!!

      I am feeling really loved by this comment thank you soooooo much!!!

      And to be told that you believe it is the best? I find that to be over exaggerating right?
      There are a lot of mytakes, I doubt mine can be the best ^_^

      But really, Thank you soo much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Exactly 17 hearts, as same as my age :D

    • EmmaMary

      @Aguysopinion4799 You are so very, very welcome indeed, and all credit where credit is due.
      By the way I am a woman who speaks as she finds and most certainly doesn't over exaggerates. 😙

    • EmmaMary

      Thank you for the MHO.

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  • blackberrysoup
    I think this is a really nice point of view. Sadly I've had to have this conversation with men I've dated before. Nice work.
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    • Thank you very much, I like to get validation from people so I know I am doing something right in my life XD

Most Helpful Guys

  • AlexBlade
    Everyone is different. Agree. I try to understand my girl.
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    • Well as long as you are trying, right? ^_^
      That's as much as someone can ask of you, to try your best <3

  • just be supportive and patient.
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  • kaylaS91
    .. all true.
    However, it's important that guys also draw the line somewhere and not let girls act like complete bitches on a regular basis because they're pmsing. I've seen it plenty of times and it's horrible how much some guys will let their girlfriends get away with every month (ie. yelling, name-calling, etc..).
    • Yeahhh... but girls want us to respect that they are on their PMS so I just think of it like this

      "She is only like this at the moment because she is on her period, she doesn't actually mean what she is saying and if she weren't on her period she wouldn't say this stuff*

      Additionally, I am a rather forgiving person so even if I was forced to draw the line, I would still be very forgiving :/

    • kaylaS91

      that's what I was convinced of when I first started dating my current boyfriend, too. That I was 'allowed' to act like a complete bitch and treat him like shit on a monthly basis because.. well, because that's what all of my friends told me they did. So I just kind of accepted it as the 'norm'. Which in no way makes it okay for all seemingly adult women to act like children because of bodily changes that occur to help them be able to HAVE children of their own.

      My boyfriend pretty much just told me to stop acting like a bitch because nothing justifies such mistreatment. Surprise surprise- my PMS basically vanished within a month or two.

  • Plumy
    Lovely take, maybe it helps others understand, thanks for it ❤
    Little difference for me is I don't like chocolate so much, actually it makes it worse...
    I like to have my fav fruits and fruit snacks 🍈🍇🍉🍓🍊
    Being talked to and understood is nice too, sometimes though I really want to stay alone, need space
  • UnaKaizen
    guys have hormonal fluctuations and they are frequent- just no blood. some want understanding some ant emotional support some want to be left alone some want sex or physical contact some become argumenttive, some become violent --how to handle it really depends on the person,
    • I don't know when I get mine then, I always want affection and physical contact *Hugs, not sex* and generally I can sometimes/ very often get emotionally unstable, not aggressive just I change from happy/ confused/ salty/ depressed and sometimes a mix of both.

  • ObscuredBeyond
    A recipe for treating a girl with bad period symptoms.

    She thinks she wants chocolate. But what her body really needs is this:

    - Eggs for breakfast. Easy on the cheese and sausage. Mushrooms highly recommended.

    - Rotisserie chicken for lunch, with sunflower seeds. Serve with spinach and brown rice for added benefit.

    - If on a busy day and burning a lot of calories and still hungry, raw broccoli for snacking. Also, have some celery with peanut butter. A few brazil nuts will seal the deal.

    - 1 banana a day

    - Salmon, potatoes, and garden asparagus for dinner.

    I know this sounds stringent, but a diet of this will treat the one thing most critical to overcoming a lot of period symptoms: lack of selenium.

    While men don't get periods, a lack of selenium (and potassium) in the diet will quickly cause men tons of other problems. Achy muscles and joints being the least of these problems.

    Minerals can be great. But if you don't mind how much (or how little) of them are in you, the presence or absence of them can just about kill you. (Or make you wish you were dead.)
  • PecanPie
    The chocolate thing isn't true for me. I don't crave it. I rarely get cramps although the bloating makes me miserable. I get super horny. I do sometimes feel like I want to be left alone but I do want to cuddle and be loved on. Its nice to have someone get it and understand. I know a lot of women who have a lot of pain and suffering though. I am one of the lucky ones.
    • Haven't heard of the bloating before :) I'll remember that for future considerations ^_^

    • PecanPie

      Yes. A lot of women bloat in the belly area and also their breasts get sore and swollen as well..

    • Huh..
      We never get told about those things, do you know why you get sore breasts?

  • MandyRuth
    Excellent take! A little understanding and kindness definitely goes a long way. My ex was a complete asshole to me when I was on my period. I would never get angry, but occasionally get emotional and have bad migraines. I used to try and keep my emotions and feelings to myself, because he would get angry at me for just expressing them.

    Its great to see there are guy's who genuinely care :)
    • Aww! I hope you don't have contact with him, I don't want to sound like a dick but he sounds like someone who you shouldn't associate with if that's how he behaved during your periods :(

    • MandyRuth

      Thanks, I don't have contact with him anymore and I am honestly much happier now. I think some guys just lack the ability to show empathy.

  • Personontheinternet
    Nice take! I'm the complete opposite of myself when it's that time. Normally, I'm a pretty lazy person. But when it's time, I'm over here doing all sorts of productive things, thinking about the future, planning things, etc. Also, I noticed that I get very anxious when I'm on it.

    Tip for dealing with a chick on her period: Give her good food, space, and just don't be a dick when it comes to her period
    • so... all the things I do already? XD got it, glad I'm doing something right ^_^

  • ScarletAngelic
    Everyone is different. I get a tiny bit annoyed because periods are annoying, but that's pretty much it. Mine are only painful for moments. I don't get cravings, I don't have a lower sense of humor, and I don't feel like I want hugs, actually I feel like I don't want to be touched or around others. I just feel like being lazy in my room alone. I also don't crave chocolate any more than when I'm not on it.
  • samhradh_leannan
    My period definitely does impact my mood and behavior. But any girl who acts truly mean or rude and blames her period is probably just making excuses. If her mood swings are that uncontrollable then she has issues and needs to see a doctor.
    • Well, I have yet to see a girl who is like that and I know if a girl is bullshitting about her periods as she will not be showing those signs later and won't be showing signs of pain or will literally just be super angry and that's just a bitchy girl :/

    • You can’t necessarily tell when a girl is on her period. Symptoms can come and go, plus different girls get a different variety of symptoms and have different levels of pain tolerance. She might be good at hiding her pain, or she might get more swings without the cramps. I’m actually moodiest right before my period, when I don’t have any cramps yet. Just because a girl doesn’t seem to be in pain does NOT mean that she is lying about being on her period or having PMS. That said, I’m glad you haven’t encountered the type of girl who acts horrible and blames her period. That nonsense reflects poorly on all girls.

  • Ashley234
    on my period, i dont wanna be alone or the center of attention. i want to be around certain people (aka people who i know won't intentionally piss me off) and be in a quiet area to not make my head hurt

    while chocolate seems to be a nice thing cuz of the taste, it can worsen cramps and other pains because of the caffeine and sugars it contains
    • Makes sense :)
      People who are considerate and won't be intentionally annoying
      Relatively quiet area for peace and avoid headaches
      Chocolate in moderation due to high level of caffeine/ sugars that can worsen symptoms

    • Ashley234


      But, not all girls are the same. Some want constant attention and junkfood cuz they want to be distracted from their cramps, others would rather suffer in silence and eat minimal to not possibly worsen the pain

  • xButterflyKisses87x
    Definitely I am focused on the pain, I wish I could focus it out because the pain spreads to my lower back since I had a miscarriage a few years ago, although I try to also focus on not taking my hubs head off in the process
    • Ohhh!!! That sounds soo painful!
      Is it like sharp spikes of pain down your back?

    • No just a constant ache

    • :'(

      I'm so sorry that sounds super painfull :'( </3

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  • jazzytopaddict2003
    One of my biggest pet peeves is when a girl gets mad at something because that's just an emotion that humans experience and guys try to go "are you on your period?" Like? I can't be mad unless my uterus is killing itself and blood is literally pouring out of me? It just pisses me off when guys assume that
    • You shouldn't be so easily pissed off - are you on your period by chance?

    • It's true, but I can only assume.. And I do mean assume, that they think that as girls, some or most of them tend to hide their emotions or act a certain way and whenever the guys see them they have a certain emotion that is most oftenly seen so when she gets angry just once he considers it a abnormal behaviour and will SOMETIMES break to assumptions and if he does I think he shouldn't ask :/

  • Molkabz
    Whn on my period i become markably moodier and hornier. I would like a guy to be understanding, give me more hugs, tolerate my ood swings (awful), and bring me f*****g chocolate 😍😍
  • daisyriddle
    It's different for anyone, I personally do not experience the tiniest bit of change on my period, neither does anyone i know. Except wanting chocolate but I want chocolate all the time so that doesn't count.
  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    I gotta find a guy like you whose really understanding and helpful
    but like my age lol
    Really good take :)
    • Aww!
      Thank you so much! the fact so many have replied means a lot to me and if there is me then there must be more like me right? ^_^

    • Yeah that's true but I doubt I'll find any guys like that in my school that are also compatible with me
      oh well i still have like 18 years to find someone lol

  • Secretstemptation
    Lmao i only read a few sentences and started laughing... you know more about this then i do lol

    It all depends from age to lifestyle maybe even genetics...

    When i was a teenager my PMS was off the hook looking back I'd be such a bitch and someone would irrate me and I'd lash out and be so mad yelling and crying like wow that was along time ago

    Now i get a little moody a few days before and the occasional period zit
    • Haha OMG I broke a bit of a chuckle when you said I know more about it then you, how can I know more about it than a girl?
      I have no experience of having it, I simply know how to approach the situation when it occurs ^_^

      And sorry to hear how your PMS affects you :( but it seems you are more experienced with it now and it isn't affecting your mood as badly ^_^

  • beebella
    No need to be afraid when that time of the month rolls around. Just cuddle with me until I feel better.
  • ThatAwkwardDork
    Oh my gosh I was pretty happy about this already because I was like "Yeah, guys should know this stuff!" AND THEN I SAW A GUY WROTE IT AND THAT MADE ME HAPPY. Honestly, period symptoms and how girls deal with them differ for individuals, so if your girlfriend or simply girl friend wants space and doesn't want it brought up, then respect that. Some girls, though, like my best friend, keeps her boyfriend updated on her periods and how she's feeling so he can help her through them. Personally, I'd rather not discuss my period with guys, but if someone was really nice to me while I was on it, that would be very much appreciated 😂
    • Ohh Thank you ^_^
      I personally have never had a relationship and am still waiting for first kiss but I do respect when they don't want to talk about the subject :)

      It's a mandatory thing really, if you don't want to talk about something, don't bug them about it and thank you so much for the comment! it means a lot to me to read all the opinions! I only just came on and was shocked to see 133 opinions! thank you soo much!

  • Advicer_01
    I thought being a guy was hard... Guess not! Salute all the girls out there.
    • That's what kinda guy we lookin for!
      Respect my man, act like that with girls and you might get a girlfriend, if you don't already have one ^_^

    • Advicer_01

      Hope your words come true!

  • themetalhead
    ugh I deal with it all man. but it is better to not keep it all to yourself. great take!
  • Comesaveme
    For me I always have terrible cramps so I would be happy if someone just waited with me
    • ^_^
      I gave my friend a surprise today cos she came in and I told her to close her eyes and I had got her 6 different types of chocolate as a certainty that she would like at least one and she was so hyped she hugged me for like, forever! <3


    • Comesaveme

      that's cute, stay this way!

  • Katherine1105
    Most guys are just jerks about it. I usually feel really weak, due to the pain.
    • markscott

      It's likely that some guys will be more understanding as they mature, and actually know what it's like to really care for someone in an adult way. My take is, if a guy can't be reasonably understanding when a girl is on her period, then get rid of him, and find someone with a little more compassion.

    • :(
      That really sounds bad, to feel not yourself and not have as much energy as usual, sounds really horrid :(

  • icantevenrightnow
    Just don't be a jerk and let me binge-watch anime in peace! :(
  • azzntittiz
    You will make a fine husband one day. I had a boyfriend at age 18 and one day I told him I was on my period, he said okay don't bother to come, see you when it's done.

    I wanted him to say, so? do you want to be left alone or do you want to still come see me? Instead I felt like he was scorning me and that's when I saw how he truly felt about me.

    As seen in some comments, there are women who are like the women in the pad commercials, skipping and swimming on their period. I don't know why they are so lucky, but if they are telling the truth, it seems not all of us have such bad cycles.

    But for those of us who do, we dread those 5 to 7 days. I used to worry so much until I just learned to deal with it. I also hear it's a condition and seeing a doctor can help to regulate it.
    • Thank you and I guess I have a while to wait though XD

      I do have a lot to complain about on the pads adverts but if I do that here we'll be on it all day so I'll just say I don't agree with the way they advertise it :/

    • azzntittiz

      I guess hey think they should advertise with a pleasant vibe, but I don't think too many girls are that happy when they're on it.

  • MlleCake
    I've never needed anyone to really react to my being on my period. I rarely even mention it.
  • SweetgirlNS
    Wait till you are dealing with a pregnant or menopausal woman.
    • Now pregnant is a whole different ball park, I haven't been with one but I have seen how they act, I am totally prepared to be there for them. it will be stressful for me but the important thing to understand is that she is going to be giving birth to a child. Not necessarily yours but a child none the less.

  • chc0009
    Why should I care? Do you know how difficult it is to impress women nowadays?

    Mission impossible!
    • I know it's difficult but it's only impossible if you believe it is.

  • N23SA
    I get emotionally fragile right before, but not during lol
  • inlovewithyoue
    I am grossed out when people talk about periods.
    Take care of your hygiene privately. We don't need your dirty sheet
    • IKR! why talk about dirty periods when we can just talk about your dirty asshole? I’m pretty sure this is a dude

    • If someone needs help with that stuff, it's better to be considerate and help them right? and as for calling it dirty, they can't help it, it's natural so don't call it dirty.

      Private, sometimes they don't have the choice when it happens, so it's not like they decide when this stuff is going to occur, privacy is nearly obsolete with periods in terms of when they happen and where.

    • @BleepRawrsaurus_Rex I am a girl. I don't know why you are concerned about my dirty asshole. Wanna clean it with your tongue?

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  • hasrett
    When I'm on my period I act the same as always. No need for men to be afraid when near me. :P
    • Not afraid, just respectful of personal space and emotions ^_^

  • BlondieGirl_
    I love you you're so nice and decent can I marry you? Aww thanks so much for telling it like it is I really appreciate it. Other guys have stuff to learn from you :) x

    My partner calls it disgusting and upsets me when I'm menstruating. I can't talk to him about it either.

    Personally I don't get extremely emotional on my period either. I just get extremely tired, crave steak and orange juice, and get sudden extreme period contractions that make me scream out loud. Also I have a connective tissue disorder so I have an extra painful back on my period due to the hips parting slightly when you menstruate.
    • OW!!!
      I'm sure if you met me face to face you wouldn't want to marry me, I wouldn't have all the traits your after in a guy XD

      But thank you for the offer ;*

      The boyfriend / Partner sounds like a jerk/ uncomfortable with something that really isn't that big of a deal to talk about

  • monthsmays
    I only suffer physical pain from cramps, sometimes pain is so big i faint or vomit.
    It never affects my emotional state or my mood or food preferences.
    Every person is different.
  • This mytake doesn’t apply to me. If I let go and actually expressed how I feel on my period people would think I’m dying or crazy,
    • You don't think you could have a friend to talk about it with?
      Or have you tried before and it didn't work? :(

    • I’m not used to moping to anyone lol. I mean other than my girlfriend. I don’t talk about my period wth my guy friends.

    • Fair enough ^_^
      Is your Girlfriend supportive and help you when you are on it?

  • Cadet_Cora
    I’m lucky, at this stage in my life I have little period symptoms.
    • Is that due to getting used to them or is it just something that happens to a few girls? I am actually interested.

    • Cadet_Cora

      Hard to say. I’ve always had mild symptoms. A little crabby during PMS and tender boobs and mild cramps is about all my symptoms.
      Some girls I know don’t even go to school when in their periods.

    • I know some don't go in but never heard of tender breasts during periods :/ ?

  • Pink2000
    I don’t want to be touched and chocolate is the last thing I want. It makes my cramps worse.
    • Okay ^_^
      Solitude/ time to self is a nice thing too, do you like to eat any other things instead?

    • Pink2000

      I don’t want anything when I’m on my period. No food no water

  • Hannajenky
    I am not moody!!! Haha. Just cuddle me and im all good
    • I can do that! I love hugs no matter who it is and therefore I can basically be a cuddle pillow for anyone ^_^

    • Hannajenky

      :) nice

  • bente2
    “The stuff they need” oh my god, chocolate as a necessity haha.

    Good take!
  • Deathraider
    To be honest, I never notice my girl [space] friend ever showing signs of this. But then again, I was only with her in 1 trimester, so she had like what, 3 periods. Not out of the realm of possibilities that I missed on a cue.
  • halfadozen
    When I was married I tried to be extra sensitive to her. Cooking, extra cuddling and what ever she wanted. Oddest thing was she would want sex. I always thought that would bother her more. She said it would help with the cramps and make her period pass faster. The blood never bothered me, it just reminded me of our first time. (We were both virgins.) And I think she enjoyed it also.
  • Dave122008
    Never experienced any issues with this (at least to my knowledge) until my Daughter hit that age. Holy flipin dagger eyes. Ever watch Katie Kaboom?
  • sheneka05
    Girls are more simple than you think. Just get them there favorite food or candy. Be nice to them and do what theys say
    • I do all of these but I won't do EVERYTHING they say, I am not that easily manipulated but I do simple things that they ask of me, not every last thing though.

  • Flatron
    When I have a period, nobody even knows or notices, because I act like every other day. Even the bit of physical pain doesn't affect me. I just suck it up. Because I'm not a wuss. And I even do sports, and never missed a class of PE because of it. I know that some girls have much harder symptoms and can't do that, but most girls just overreact.
  • Jaybear0123
    Basically Just buy her chocolates or icecream and treat her with lots of love because periods my dear suck especially on the first days
  • weirdwriter79
    I am remember those times! With my ex, she was a fighting panda. We had nicknames. We never said our real names. Really. Me-squirrely. Her-panda.
  • Being_a_good_Indian


    Clean the genetial area
    Get yourself a comfortable private place
    Use 2–3 towels above the bedsheet
    Remove pad and cloths from the area
    Take a nap or just chill
    After the session clean yourself and also the towels
    Every woman should spend some time without clumsy pads so that the genetial area can get some air. This is the process of FREE BLEEDING !

    Enjoy periods !

    Hope it Helps.
  • Apope16
    My advice is be mature about it. Treat it as no big deal. Always have an Advil ready to go in case a friend or a girlfriend needs one.

    Last week, I had a date planned with a girl. She called the day before to cancel because she was on her period. I told her it was no big deal and that we could hang out without having sex. I told her that I didn't need sex to enjoy my time with her. So we had a date night and got to know each other. Then she invited me to her place and she started touching me... long story short... we had sex... on her period.

    It was nice.

    Treat a woman well on her period. Be kind and sweet. And she will reward you infinitely.
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you. I've helped out a few friends like that.
  • Ninene
    Haha yeah totally true about the fragile emotions, its really easy to tear up it's embarrassing.
  • YingKim
    I can have many feelings during 😤 😪 🤬 😩 🤪🤮