My Dark Descent Into Sleep Paralysis


I've always had trouble sleeping, mainly falling asleep or staying asleep. I have a history of sleep walking as well, though I don't do much of that anymore. When I would sleep walk, my mom said that I usually just used the restroom, but sometimes (this is creeeeeepy), I would just stare into a mirror.

Currently, I have restless legs when I try to sleep, so it takes from 20 minutes to fall asleep or sometimes 3 hours. Then, when I know I have to wake up early the next day, I will constantly wake up multiple times throughout the night and very early morning. Like this morning.

But first, my first sleep paralysis experience. It happened a few nights ago.

This was similar to my experience.
This was similar to my experience.

My sister would complain every few weeks of having sleep paralysis herself, but I had never fully understood what it felt like. She was always able to have her eyes open, but I couldn't even open mine.

The first thing that I was aware of was how silent my room was. I already have a cold room, so chills were running through my body already. Then I realized that I can't move, not even a finger. Never having had a sleep paralysis event, I began to freak out and thought that I was actually paralyzed (it was blurry and cloudy, so I might have been able to open my eyes just a bit). I tried to scream, but only got out breathy cries (which probably was in my head, since no one heard me).

Then I got a feeling that I wasn't alone. I could feel my cat pressed against my knee and I was thinking "Great help you are, Jeannie", when I heard something like wind move a few feet from me. Thin, claw-like hands began touching my shoulders, waist, wrists, legs, and even covered my mouth. It felt like hours and hours, until I finally woke up.

I had fallen asleep a little past midnight and woke up from it a bit past 1 am. I shot bolt up right out of my bed, making my cat jump down, and went to my sister's room, since I knew she had experienced it before. I didn't sleep for two hours after that, but calmed down eventually.

But I'm confused on what happened last night (or early this morning). I was half-asleep when I woke up at 1:30 am or so when I heard creaking. I look over and see a woman, covered in black as if from the 1910's, rocking in my chair ten feet away. She told me to turn off my clock (which I had covered before I went to bed, with a t-shirt because it's bright). I ignored her and went back to sleep.

My Dark Descent Into Sleep Paralysis

I woke again around 3:30 am, hearing the same noises. She demanded this time that I turn my clock off. I was sitting up a bit, just staring at her. My sight was blurry, so I couldn't make out her features too well, but she looked like the woman dressed in black from Insidious.

My Dark Descent Into Sleep Paralysis

I went back to sleep.

Was this something similar to sleep paralysis? Hallucinating, but able to move my body a bit?

Anyways, I officially hate sleeping.

My Dark Descent Into Sleep Paralysis
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  • AaronKrieger
    It was likely still the sleep paralysis, since if you had just experienced it. If you had just woken up you're more likely to still halicunate it or maybe even be dreaming whatever you thought happened. Anyway, nothing is wrong with you and this was most likely a mix of sleep paralysis + dreaming and thinking it was real. Someone in the comments said to see a psychologist, but that'd really just be a waste of money and time. Since this is your first experience with sleep paralysis I get why you're shocked, but after the first couple times if you experience more it get's boring and not as surprising after couple minutes of being awake.
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  • InTimoreDei
    I suffered from sleep paralysis for years and years. Whenever I was stressed, it happened more often. I often saw a man crawling on all fours with long claws and red eyes. In Irish culture we call it "The Hag" because of how often people see a creepy old woman, or "hag", when they are paralyzed.

    What you are seeing is a hallucination while in a sleepy state. When you're half asleep, the brain sometimes cannot discern whether or not you're still dreaming or awake so it hallucinates; the brain mechanics of the sleep state and the awake state get mixed up so people sometimes see things, shapes, and objects or even people.
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  • Massageman
    Your body is designed to have paralysis during REM sleep. This is normal. When your REM sleep is interrupted, it takes a few seconds for your body to come out of its paralytic state. Some people don't this "normal" sleep pattern and can slip into paralysis in a more random manner.
  • nofunkgiven
    I've experienced sleep paralysis once too and it was very creepy lol.
    What helps is that u don't sleep on your back, but on your side.
    And as for your restless legs (I have that too), working out and getting physically tired helps a lot.
    • SydneyTW

      I read an experience where a man had fallen asleep on his side and his sleep paralysis involved his nightmare creature spooning him from behind.

  • ChurchOfIron
    All you have to do is wiggle your toes to break out of it. It's important to remain calm. If you freak out and try to fight to move your body, it won't work, and this will also program your hallucinations. If you feel terror, the dream figures will become more terrifying. Because they are a part of you. They are simple dream figures. It's easy to break out of, so long as you are calm and attempt to tell your body you are actually awake.

    I attempt to induce this state, purposefully, in order to induce a WILD. A Wake Induced Lucid Dream. This is a dream in which you are aware you are awake and have the potential to control the dream. Read up on it, because you are extremely lucky if you routinely have sleep paralysis. It is also scientifically proven. So it's not some new agey bullshit. I thought it was initially, myself. But, science proved lucid dreams are fact. Multiple times. Interestingly, the frontal lobe is normally turned off during sleep. In lucid dreams, it is activated. Which can be measured. Anyways.

    There are two methods you can use to initiate a lucid dream from sleep paralysis. You can simply ask the hallucinations (dream figures/characters) to take you to a dream world. Wherever you would like to go. They will be kind, and they will take you there. They may look terrifying, but they're just a dream. They cannot harm you. You can only harm yourself. Know they will do no harm. More, as subconscious representations of yourself, they want you to be healthy. Yours were admittedly creepy as fuck.

    You likely were not actually moving your physical body. You were likely moving your dream body. This is the second way to achieve a WILD from SP. You wiggle out of your body. In this sense, you kinda feel like you have two bodies. People would call this astral projection, but astral projection has not been proven. And it could easily, if it actually existed. This is just a type of dream.

    There are several techniques. One is rocking back and forth violently with your "astral" or "dream" body. Another is pretending there's a rope above your head and using your ghost-like arms to pull yourself out of your body.

    In any case, try these 3 tips the next time you experience SP. And remember, the hallucinations cannot harm you. They're just a form of hypnagogia. The next stage of hypnagogia.
  • Drinkingcoffee
    I’ve had sleep paralysis once but thanks to the internet, of already read much about it so I knew what it was.
    I kept my eyes closed until I gained control of my body because I didn’t want to see some creepy being my brain had possibly made for me, probably standing in my door way.

    What you experienced was most likely the sleep paralysis. I’m sorry you had such a scary experience
  • Sheep_Dog
    I used to get sleep paralysis frequently when I was in high school. Went away when I got older, still get restless leg from time to time but no where near as much. What helped me a lot was lots of running and exercise, and limit your sleep, no sleeping in or oversleeping. It's hard at first but 5-6 hours a night now and I'll fall asleep usually quick, wake once once or twice for a min, and no restless leg. When I sleep more than 6, those issues start coming back more.
  • Paris13
    The fact that you Cannot Move and Groove is a Bit like Something I have Gone through Here, dear. I Have Had this where I cannot Move my Head and when I Try, I feel my Heart beating so Hard, I fell as though I will Die.
    The Rest sounds like a Bad Dream. xx
  • SelfishGuy
    I have sleep paralysis almost every night.
    Can happen for a number of reason. Physically it is harmless. The experience itself is terrifying.
    Are you suffering from depression? Do you have sleep apnea? See a specialist.
    Usually when breathing stops or gets restricted due to sleep apnea, our mind wakes up but our body does not, whi h kicks in the whole experience.
    • SydneyTW

      As far as I know, I don't have sleep apnea and no longer have depression (it was from medication I used to take), but I know I do snore and talk/shriek in my sleep.

  • sugarchateau
    LMFAO I’d cry...
    I’m so glad my nightmares all become lucid dreams that I switch around, conquer and become a hero... or my nightmares are about me finding out that I’m a terrible kisser...

    I can’t even imagine having to go through that type of a living nightmare... 😿
  • Reggieray
    Sheer will pull you out.

    To clarify, I'm not saying it's all in your head. What I will tell you is that you can use the power of your mind to push back against whatever the hell this sleep paralysis throws at you.

    I wish you the best.
  • Jalabeanxo
    I had sleep paralysis from age 10 to 14. Glad it doesn’t happen anymore. When It would happen, I wouldn’t hallucinate or anything but my face would be deep in the pillow and I couldn’t breathe for those 10 seconds. This was very scary, especially when there’s no one there to hear you. Those ten seconds without air and just not being able to move feel like 10 mins.
  • AxisDeer
    Sleep paralysis is juz temporary. Yes, it can be a bit frightening. But, it's normal and not harmful and should pass in a few seconds or minutes after waking-up,

    No need to visit a psychiatrist. Juz a waste of time and money.
  • greyhobbit
    Wow, your story sounds scaring, I would seek for a professional's advice. I had something slightly similar several times, when I was falling asleep and I think I was halfway into it, but still realized where I was. I wasn't able to move, open eyes or say anything, and I had my cat next to me also! I didn't like that feeling though, but it was gone soon.
  • neverlandishome
    Tip that will cure your sleeping paralysis or at least end the episode faster!!! When you get it don’t freak out and go nuts screaming because it will bring up more fear so your episode will last longer, instead start laughing hysterically and u will see that u’ll wake up much faster. Also if your sleeping next to someone ask to hold their hand while you sleep, usually when u get it u can still move ur fingertips so u can try to squeeze them so they can wake u up. Sleep with the lights on, u’ll feel safer so u most likely won’t get it. Also if you get it don’t open your eyes, that’s just asking for trouble. If you read until here thanks and please let me know if the advice helped you! 😬
  • Chaz269
    Sleep paralysis is common. Consciousness during paralysis is uncommon. Consciousness of any considerable duration is almost unheard of, based on my reading. Have you found any research that supports your experience?
  • mermaidrocketship
    I’ve had sleep paralysis with hallucinations, not to the degree you’ve had. The general looking figure in the corner of the room or someone poking me. This has happened since I was under ten. If I find the article I’ll link it in a reply. But one of the best ways to wake up is by recognizing what’s happening. Be quiet in your mind. Realize you’re “asleep”. Try to wiggle a finger. Then another. And another. You’ll wake up. It’s like a recurring nightmare where you have to be lucid enough to change it.
  • TheNotorious
    I had some sleep paralysis but i at first i always had my eyes open but now i just have them closed because i don’t want to see anything, why are people so dumb to open their eyes iff they know they will see something?
  • Deydey12345
    Omg.. You dont have sleep paralysis.
    Spirits exist.
    Why are you in denial of that?
  • JohnBoinka
    Let me give you One tips : Next Time when it Happen Again... Try to Embrace it with LOVE rather than FIGHT it with HATRED due to FEAR... Okay?
  • xBuddyLovex
    Next time and trust me on this one because I have experience the same
    Next time this starts to happen say in the name of Jesus Christ/Yahushua Messiah go away and leave this house in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave this house
    And you should snap out of it and if the lady is there don't be scared cause God is with you and they can't hurt you but tell her to in name of Jesus Christ leave this house
    Or what you say always say in the name of Jesus Christ
    Once it's done bless the in his Name with olive oil do they won't come back.
    Their demons and that is what they do they like to mess with people and get them to be filled with fear from them so that can have they way with you
    I'm very serious this is no joke
    I also recommend you give yourself to Jesus Christ and allow Him to enter yourself mind body and soul to protect you and give you the power that the demons fear
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    I tried sleep paralysis. I knew it was sleep paralysis so I was calm and I thought it felt good. I just went back to sleep. I was told I sleep walk but I find it hard to believe. I sleep naked by the way... Anyways, If demons exist then angels exist.
  • Malik00
    I've dealt with sleep paralysis in the past... it is NOT fun. Your body won't move you can barely breath, it feels like you've lost complete control of your body and it takes a lot of willpower to break it.
  • Salmon4056
    I had same experience, also right after I got baptised in the tenth grade. I was insanely scared at first since I couldn't move and had felt like I was sinking down in something dark. And on the day after being baptised that night I felt something grab on my chest and try to pull them. I started saying in my head "I worship Jesus" but everytime I said that it (demon) pulled more out of agitation I believe. this had happened like probably 6 or 7 time in my life and I would notice strange scratches on my chest after waking up. I had later learn to rebuke it in Jesus name and I believe it is gone now. If your dealing with that, I would command the evil spirit to leave immediately in Jesus name.
  • Death-of-rats
    i have also suffered from sleep paralysis and chronic nightmares for many years, but I've learned to acknowledge when they are happening... sometimes at least.

    because of this im (sometimes) able to enter a state of lucid dreaming which helps me snap out of the paralysis so i can wake my self up.

    it used to (and still does when im super tired and i can't control it) scare the shit out of me. i would see a dark figure watching me from the half open bedroom door or stood outside my window.

  • dreamstar72
    I have to be extremely tired to go to sleep got to many damaged nerves in my legs and it hurt likes hell when I put pressure on it.
  • Chuck9z
    I think you should check with some professional help a psychologist and just tell on exactly what's going on And maybe even your family doctor because he might know something they could be causing it.
  • curiousnorway
    I've experienced sleeping paralysis myself where I can't move anything from my neck down and that I feels like I'm getting choked by someone/something - either a hand or rope. I've also had several nightmares about rape in my sleeping paralysis too. Too many to count on two hands I guess.

    It feels real. It feels like someone touch me, tongue kisses, chokes me, penetrate me and so on. The "rapist" in these nightmares looks either like demons or regular people from both genders, all races/ethnicity etc. In some of them it's a female, in others it's a male. Most of the "rapists" don't look especially ugly or hideous, but just completely ordinary. Some looks good, but creepy and others looks average. It's their creepy vibes that turns me off and makes me want to run away from them. It's difficult to explain, but some people just have a creepy vibe and you can tell without knowing them very well - like a first impression that's not wrong.
  • Bubbles45
    I also have sleep paralysis and I'm still really young. The nightmares don't help either.
  • kittycity
    That sounds so creepy! I have had sleep paralysis before. I had fallen asleep in a car and it was scary because I was stuck in this position where my neck was at a weird angle, so it was really hard to breath! Anyways I looked it up and found that you can have hallucinations during sleep paralysis.
  • Prakbio
    this happens in sleep paralysis in recent months i have gone twice through it.. it was horribe experience.. but. now i haven't since 2 months.
  • yumanato
    Many people dont know what cause sleep paralysis there are many youtube and sites to check out but thats all i know to help sorry for not being much help
  • Kenni
    Great tip to make sure it never happens. Sleep on your stomach
  • RedThread
    I've had sleep paralysis before and it sucks. I had it a few times in the span of a few months but I haven't had it since. I try to get a solid amount of sleep so it doesn't happen now. I noticed I had it when I wasn't sleeping well and finally crashed for like 10 hours.

    My experience was a bit different. I couldn't move my body except for my head a little bit. I was trapped in a tiny room in an impossibly large tower but I also knew I was in my room. It was like I couldn't wake up from the dream. Eventually my fingers and toes started working again then I finally woke up.

    The other times I couldn't move but I was in darkness. I couldn't see or do anything. It felt like I was in a dark void. Part of me knew I was dreaming so I didn't panic. Eventually I could move my limbs again.

    I've never had the monster experience that so many other people have.
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    I had sleep paralysis like 3 months ago. I felt pressure on my chest like someone was sitting on me, so I woke up super tired and I saw a dark shadow figure that look like the character Venom which I was convinced was a demon since I literally felt his intense hatred as he looked at me.

    I looked away towards the left, but completey paralyzed and hardly could mumble a word, but was saying in a very low voice Jesus help me, Jesus help me, Jesus help me as I felt this shadow figure trying to pull out my spirit out through my chest area then I yelled extremely loud Jesus then quickly saw this shadow figure exist my room.

    It's something truly scary. YouTube has many people giving their testimony of what they suffered with sleep paralysis.

  • Wowgirl10q
    I've had it it's horrific similar to coming out of a seizure
  • Catgoesbyebye
    I've had sleep paralysis several times in the past few months. Quite often it feels as if someone is pressing down on my chest or holding my ankles.
  • crazy8000
    Nothing to be afraid of. It should have something to do with sleeping and that part of your brain haven't woke up or the opposite part's haven't fallen in to total sleep mode yet.
    Some doctors and scientists say it's common amongst high intelligent people.

    Personal have I had that my whole life. eventually those part's off your brain will go in to sleep or the opposite part's will go out of sleep mode. If you let yourself get panic when you in it instead of embrace it, it will only make it more uncomfortable and take longer to get out of.
  • btgs012
    Try not to sleep on your back and try headspace it a meditating app helps me with a lot in my life.
  • danielmeegan
    Perhaps your being visited by spooks ghosts demonic onfluences
  • That1tallguy
    Sounds like you have a demon in the house
  • Good take.
  • ColoradoKid
    That sounds insane. I would hate sleeping too.
  • Montana07
  • GayHowellMeme
    Sad myTake
  • Nahid1707
    Have a busy day before you sleep
  • Anonymous
    you are seeing nephilim spirits or fallen angels your pick

    now they won't hurt you cause they are more scared of GOD then you
    if you want it to stop
    you have to pray in the name of Jesus
    and they run away like bitches

    one literally ran under my bed and made my bed jump
    the moment I told him

    I was gonna fuck him up and called my GOD
    and to get this stupid as out of my place

    afterwards they will come back again with even more spirits
    to try and bother again lol

    they are losers
    they died in the flood
    and got nothing else to do
  • Anonymous
    Pretty interesting