Depression, What is it Really and How Does One Cope With it?

Depression, What is it Really and How Does One Cope With it?

Though it is used humorously many times these days, depression is a serious topic and the mental illness itself shouldn't be taken lightly or as a joke. So what is depression? I'll explain it as detailed as possible.

Depression is as I said before, a mental illness that takes away the abiltiy to function properly in every-day life.What does that means though? Illnesses such as Clinical Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, and Bipolar Depression are just a few of the many disorders one can develop. Each of those forms of depression have one thing in common, they cause extreme negative feelings that make it seem almost impossible to get out of or bare with, in the depressed individual's mind.

Before we can talk about coping with depression let's cover what characterizes it as a mental illness. These are the common signs someone is depressed:

They are always tired, even with a good night's sleep the individual can feel deprived of energy

The person gets irrated very easily like they are constantly on edge

Their appetite drastically changes which causes weight gain or weight loss

They feel hopeless, like they are worth nothing, constantly angry, or guilty

A depressed person loses interests in things they once enjoyed

Finally, they could have suicidal thoughts or become suicidal

These symptoms are unpleasent and dangerous, it causes extreme pain and feelings of lonliness for the person suffering from it. It goes unnoticed often and some are too afraid to let others know they're strugging, because of this, everyone should be overall educated about it and encourage the sufferers to get help.

After knowing what depression really is and how it affects the people who have it, let's talk about some coping mechanisms. My biggest advice is therapy. A lot of people do not like the thought of going to random strangers about their problems, but it really isn't as bad as you may think. They are there to listen to you and help fix what's not quite right in your life and it's a good step to recovery. It's nice not being the only one who hears your crys. If you know someone struggling with depression, encourage them to go to a specialist, and if the countless attempts fail, be there for them, it's tougher than it looks.

Joining a support group or a community activity/after school club is also a good way of battling depression. Finding new interests to replace old ones keep you from slouching at home and thinking too much. You make new friends and feel like you aren't alone because you aren't. It's also a good idea to do things that make you feel good such as taking paino lessons, which could make you feel accomplished, cooking which can be a favorite hobby, or writing which can be a stress reliver. Basically, anything could be a good activity if it makes you feel happy. The only exceptions to this is if you are hurting yourself or someone else.

Boosting your self image is the last coping mechanism I have for you today. This is usually a technique people don't like very much because it goes agaisnt their thinking. Here's an example, when you wake up in the morning write down something you like about yourself and carry on with your daily commute A commitment like this is hard to do for people with depression because they don't believe it. Even if one were to do it very often, it won't work if they are still thinking nasty things about themselves. So a good way to revise this would be, when you wake up in the morning think about something nice someone has told you, write it down and pretend it is true. Writing it this way will make the person think of something they thought was a meaningless comment, and write it down. By "pretending" it was sincere, it becomes so. Because every compliment you get means something, for you are beautiful.

This is for cutters: Whenever you feel like hurting yourself try snapping a rubber band agaisnt your wrist, it'll give you almost the same type of feeling when cutting but it's 'ess harmful and once the urges subside you don't have to use it anymore

Another tip is to write comments like "I'm more than scars" or "I am worth it" on the places you usually cut, that way when ever you get ready to do so again you see that message which will lower your chances of hurting yourself and even make you feel better.

If you're still cutting please tell somebody even if it's diffucult.

The last self motivational boost is to look at yourself in the mirror, and smile at the person you see looking back at you. Try to love seeing that person, yes I know that's a lot to ask, and yes I know that sounds stupid. But really, if you keep seeing this beautiful wonderful person who isn't broken, only bent smiling at you, you're going to want to see them more. You are worth more than you want to believe you do and if you keep pushing against the currents, you will find land. Don't give up and the most cheerful can be the ones withering down the most.

I hope this mytake was informational and helpful, if you feel like hurting yourself or are feeling suicidal call the national suicide hotline_1-800-273-8255

Have a nice day <3

Depression, What is it Really and How Does One Cope With it?
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  • Anonymous
    If you really want to get down to the nuts-n-bolts of it, depression is a chemical imbalance (laziest diagnosis in psychiatry). Specifically, high cortisol and cortisone/ low seratonin and dopamine (and most likely oxytocin).

    Most people don't know what to say or do when a loved one is depressed, so here goes:

    1. (Seratonin) Make them laugh. Help them remember the happy times. It's like singing their favorite song when they have a shitty song stuck in their heads. They can't remember the favorite song while the shitty song is playing, so they need a little help.

    2. (Dopamine) Get them to accomplish something. Anything. Play a game they're good at. Help them clean up. Anything to give them a reward response.

    3. (Oxytocin) Bond with them. A long hug. Cuddles on the couch. Watching a movie while laying on each other.

    Everybody knows that happiness can drown in sadness and depression. Well, you can drown depression in happiness, accomplishment, and love.

    Or you can let a shrink put them on drugs that make them feel empty.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • curlybrookes
    This is spot on, I’m glad that someone of your age is educated enough to discuss this topic appropriately. The stigma around mental health is usually negative, we are either told to get over it or we sometimes get people who say that they have a mental illness (in my experience, they diagnose themselves) to try to help you cope. Luckily I’ll be getting counseling soon to help with my social anxiety and depression. But overall this is a great take! :)
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  • YourMomIsCool
    I feel like teens say they're depressed for the stupidest reasons. If they fail a test they're depressed, if they lose their phone they're depressed. The word is starring to be used incorrectly.
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    • Yup that's a problem, it also happens with illnesses such as OCD "I'm so OCD" etc.

    • Lovi87

      Exactly. It's becoming a problem as people tend to think sadness is depression and it isn't. Depression is far worse.

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  • Lovi87
    After being diagnosed with Depression and other mental health.. I have come to realise why I was the way I was and still am at times.

    As I've gotten older I'm able to act a lot more mature, but I do still have moments where I act without thinking and think, "Damn. That was really immature of me and I sound so stupid for saying it. I shouldn't have gotten involved." but got angry D: and it's hard to contain it.

    I sleep quite a lot due to my depression, and even when I get a good nights sleep I'm still tired and I have gained weight.

    I feel alone, angry, worried, stressed, guilty, ashamed and I hate myself for how I speak to my family. How I'm constantly being lazy because I have no energy. I try and do things (which I end up doing when I'm at my peak of days), but I just crash back down again and go into my little safe zone. I can spend hours on end with no contact with friends/family. I'll just sit playing on the computer all day, or spending time here where I can open up about things.

    I have definitely lost interest in things I once loved/enjoyed, and I really want to get back to being myself again without constantly looking over my shoulder with worry.

    I have had suicidal thoughts, but I hope to God that I never get ill enough to the point of not being able to stop myself from going through with it.
    • Please don't I know what you're going through don't think you can't get past it goodluck <3

    • Lovi87

      Thank you. <3

  • Legendhardon
    I had depression and high anxiety levels since like i was fifteen I'm 33 now and true i have always felt tired and heavy and i hate talking about feelings and avoid sad and happy feelings as much as i can😢 . i haven't cried like in 10 years its not going to remove my depression anyway. And lastly i cope with my depression by drinking a lot every day if i have money it helps me forget definitely😉.
  • chunlilovesvega
    I almost killed myself because of depression then I got on antidepressants now I don't feel much and I don't care, I just keep living because my body lives
  • Repa33
    I actually use those jokes to cope. It makes me feel better not to always be so serious and sad when talking about it.
    • Yeah I was gonna add that in, making jokes about your own position makes you feel better about it, I didn't want the mytake to be too long though and I didn't want it to seem contradicting

  • Elijas
    i was depresses when i was 10 because i felt unuseful. I thought of suicide at that time but scared of it and cried a lot. It sometimes accrues nowadays and my day is ruined, but i know how to control it. NEVER SUICIDE, THERE IS A NOTHER WAY!!
  • plain_user1423
    I haven't learned to accept it , i say im fine even though my therapist and grandma say i have depression and anxiety. I haven't learned to cope with it or anything yet
    • First you need to accept it's there otherwise you'll never get better, than you take the bigger steps to recovery ❤

  • loveshorro
    I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder as well as depression on its own. I’ve had it sense I was 13. So I really liked your post and it is very informative and accurate
  • Zion333
    I'll tell you what depression is: having told your girlfriend you want to split but after a short while we are together again. Then, after going out and about on weekends and when everything seems to go on rails,, she meets somebody on Google Chat and invites him after only a couple of weeks to her house to stay permanently.
  • Salmon4056
    I had been depressed and God had helped get me out of it. I don't know any other ways. I learn that when your depressed you put more of your attention on your circumstances than on God words which helped me. But in general i realized that renewing the mind. Depression begins with your thoughts, so it must be defeated in your mind. I learned First, you have to change the way you think.
    I learned to fill my heart with His Word. You may not always be in control of your circumstances, but you can control what’s in your heart. So I just plant God’s Word and His promises in my heart. And just remember he loves me and want me also to enjoy life.
    I'm unsure what other people do but this had helped me.
  • Sauron2099
    I don't know, from my experience, it is usually the lack of a goal or a drive that really starts affecting people. If you wake up and you have nothing to do and you simply want to stay in bed and just lay there, with no purpose in life. So, my advice to the rest of you would be, to set a goal and force yourself to do it, even better turn it into hatred, so you hate that goal so much you have to complete it. Worked for me I guess but the rest of you are different so it may or may not help you, but still find your true selves and you'll be free.
  • lernulo
    Very nice, the trick of using beautiful words is great I didn't even think about it.
  • tooFruity
    i like how you bolded the first word in each paragraph. that was cool.
  • sapphire3506
    I like potatoes
  • ThisAndThat
    One day at a time, one hour at a time.
  • Nice take..
  • LegateLanius
    Good take.
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    I see myself in there
  • Ghostwalker
    Really good post!
  • Depression sucks
  • Anonymous
    I'm just a stupid worthless person that deserves depression but doesn't deserve a diagnosis. It's weird. I got an anorexia nervosa diagnosis but not a depression diagnosis. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, though. I never suffer, no one cares if I do, I deserve to suffer, and I've never seen real suffering. Everyone else has it much worse than I do.
  • Anonymous
    People on my bus makes fun of people who are depressed and suicidal little do they know I'm one of them. Back when I wasn't depressed I even stood up for those people now I still do but I don't have the will power to help myself
  • Anonymous
    I had clinical depression for six years and oh boy, did it make my life ten times worse? I hated every single inch of myself, wanted to kill myself but couldn’t. I didn’t get therapy (my parents said no even though they were aware I was suffering mental health issues)

    I had to fight the battle myself, it was traumatic. For those who suffer depression, I can’t say “stay strong” bullshit but please, get help from professionals. There is online therapy if you don’t want to have face to face conversation with someone.

    I wish I had therapy; I have SAD
    (Seasonal affective disorder) and anxiety.
  • Anonymous
    I have depression but it would sound like a joke if i just say it like this. This is why it's really hard for people to open up with their depression because all those drama queens using that as an excuse to drama and shit. But also it's those people who are just insensitive who don't know how to differentiate them and start assuming we're all virtue signalling.