Weight does not have to bring you down!


Heavy words carry a heavy price

That's a pretty good story but I wish it would be inspiring

I think we could do something a little more realistic or at least without magic


Weight does not have to bring you down!

I was at my school walking down the halls. I felt the closeness of my clothes. The button to my jeans struggled with me more and more each day. I was waiting for the day it would either not stay in the button slit or the button would just pop off. I was 250 pounds. My oversized shirt helped me to feel comfortable at the expense of looking kind of sloppy. I pulled my hair back behind my head as I stood there in depressing thought. I was told that beauty was within and that I was a butterfly just waiting to bloom. It was all B.S.! I was stuck here in my own living hell and others just said things to make them feel better.

Weight does not have to bring you down!

This girl that followed me around always gave me trouble but today I was period moody and had a bad case of resting bitch face. Normally I came up with a fake smile but not today. She came up to me. So fatty, did you get your daily fix of McDonalds with morning? No, did you sleep with all the guys in the school yet or did you find enough class within yourself to avoid at least two so would not be a total slut? She was taken back, I had never said anything back to her and she looked like now she kind of feared me and respected me in this moment. We went our separate ways and I carried a sense of confidence about me for the rest of the day. I did not feel 100 percent about calling her a slut but she did need someone to make her step back a bit. Later that day she was teasing other girls but kept a close eye on me.

Weight does not have to bring you down!

I got off of school and went into my car. My parents let me have a run-down car to drive to school, it was a small perk for me. I did not have to ride the bus anymore. It was my birthday yesterday and I got over a hundred dollars overall from my family. My mom and dad wanted me to be healthy and they also gave me a standing membership at a fitness club that was open 24-7. I always treated that as something to make me feel bad with the membership card in my pocket. But I thought to myself, today was it, today was the day. I threw my backpack in the car and headed to the mall. I looked around at the major department stores and found one that had sales on workout clothes.
I got a bunch of options for tops and leggings brought them into a changing room. I put them on the bench in the back and I noticed that someone had forgotten their lunch in the changing room for some reason. I ignored it and put on a snug sleeveless top and a pair of tight leggings. It was the first time in a long time that I had on such tight-fitting clothes on purpose. I put my hands on my hips. I was not sure if I was ready for this. I was a little more confident in myself today but was I really ready for this? I looked over at the lunch on the bench in the back. There was a bag of potato chips. I picked them up.

Weight does not have to bring you down!

I honestly was not really bad with my overall food choices, it was honestly part of bodies metabolism. For the longest time I just said screw it because I had other things to worry about and I did not want to deprive me of a pleasure and create an added stress. I looked at the potato chip bag and wondered if this was really what I wanted. I threw the bag across the room. I looked at my fat a## and the flat tire hanging from my stomach. A long time ago I gave up being concerned for my physical appearance. Don’t get me wrong, it would come back now and again but I turned most of it off. Because it would only bring depression. The only place where I found relief was gaming online with friends and using social media chat rooms to talk with friends. I had always viewed this as temporary but now, was this it?

Weight does not have to bring you down!

I grabbed the legging and pulled it back allowing it to snap back against my skin. My leg responded with a gentle and subtle bounce, just enough to tell. I grabbed my leg and moved it back and forth watching as my fat moved on its own after I let my leg go. I was not ready for this…. Or was I? I reached into my purse and pulled out a scrunchie, I grabbed my hair and pulled it back. I looked in the mirror at myself with a look of anger and determination. I did not wait to see if the other clothes fit. I just grabbed some pairs that I liked and went to the check out. I kept my workout clothes on and make them check out the clothes with the tags on my body. I was owning this outfit and I was walking out of the store with it. I walked out to the car, I had some left-over money and went to Walmart and grabbed some fitness stuff, like towels, water bottles and some other assorted things. I decided to own this.

Weight does not have to bring you down!

I had a pink Nike bag in hand. I also got some fitness shoes to boot. I went into my car and drove to the fitness center. I sat in my car for a while. I watched the good-looking girls walk in and every once in a while, a fat woman of an older age went in. I did not see anyone my age with my weight. I started to drive out of the parking lot and then as I did an older woman hit against my window. You are new here are’nt you? I gently smiled at her and pulled my car back in. I slowly grabbed my bag and my keys and locked the car. We had some water cooler talk on the way in and I let her get checked in and then the really fit guy behind the counter asked If I was a new member and I showed him the ID my parents had got me. He gave me a wink and checked me in. I was in the fitness center. I went to a machine and laid my stuff down next to it. It was some kind of running machine. I got on and I started on the machine slowly, just trying it out. Then I was stuck on it. I was in a trance. It just felt good to exercise. For some reason, I was able to stay on it and not stop. I kept on it for hours. All I could do was daydream of better days in the future. I had hope and happiness for the future and I could not get enough of it.

Weight does not have to bring you down!

I remembered that I did not bring a change of clothes and I was now covered in sweat. But I did not care, it was also ten at night, I did not care either. I felt good. I felt really good. I went home and took a shower and cleaned myself up. I was not hungry, only thirsty. I went to bed happy and woke up for school the next day. I walked down the hall and a girl about my build that I never noticed before came up to me. She noticed I somehow almost looked different. She said recently, she just snapped too, only she could not afford much so she went to the thrift store and got some sweats then just started jogging wherever she could. We both agreed to meet up to jog later. I looked over and I saw the girl that teased me. She was eating a large snickers bar and drinking a normal coke. It seemed off to me, she usually drank water and chewed gum.

Weight does not have to bring you down!

Days, weeks and months went by. Me and my friend, kept weighting ourselves and liking the results. Food meant less to us when we were exercising and dieting was simple because food was not something we looked forward to, exercise was. It naturally made us both feel good. I noticed my former bully, had been slowly gaining weight as we lost it. Her pants slowly got bigger and so did her face and eventually she gained a slight double chin. She was not quite at the weight I used to be at but she was close. My life felt good and while my clothes were ordinary at the moment I was getting ready to soon celebrate the weight that I had now lost.

Weight does not have to bring you down!
Weight does not have to bring you down!
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  • mrbobz
    That's a great story. Well done! I had a similar but not quite as... excuse the word.. big change and also did a mytake. Well done you! Do you find you are surprised when you can fit through gaps between cars and such now? 😂 Still surprises me as am huge in my head
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    • mrbobz

      Oh I missed that it was a story. Yeah I seen similar IRL... Been turned down by a girl who years later is turned down by the guy

  • ChiTown33
    The before and after girl got a Rachel McAdams thing going on.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • smg99
    Karmic reversals and hard work plus day dreaming are sometimes what magic is made of. Really touching story
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  • Twat_Twig
    I need to pop my baby out so I can start losing weight. 😂😂😂
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    • Jjpayne

      I believe in you!

    • Jjpayne

      But first we got to make you into a baby mama

    • Jjpayne

      I said baby mama because it was playful but then I thought wait... what does that mean...

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  • Koreantransgender
    I lost 14lb. He secret is that you never give up. I just eat a little when I am really hungry. Your weight will go up and down. You will eat if you are invited to a good meal. That’s ok. I feel really good looking at 5e mirror. People will not see me fat when they see me
  • juan101
    yes weight will bring you down
    I don't believe anything else

    to all the fat people
    if not you will end up like her

  • Marti434
    Thanks for sharing your story, it is truly very inspirational and made my morning into a better one! You are definitely right, weight should not bring you down!
  • Wolframium
    I'd just like to say "gravity might disagree" to the title.
  • cluelesgrace
    i lost 8 pounds in a week just from nicotine its not that hard
  • apple24
    That sad lol hahah But I am glad you lost weight (:
  • sp33d
    Deja vu? Gravity brings everyone down, fortunately.
  • Pejtu
    Fat= ugly its always like that + ur face matters a lot
  • mundane
    Media is the sorce of most of the got to be fitness freaks or you don't fit in
  • Thatsamazing
    "This is a story and not real life."

    ... Okay... so... how is it relevant then.
  • WhoDatGuy
    Girls that weren't always hot but become hot are the best.
  • Raven_76
    Who cares about that fat piece of shit? Like seriously.
  • Kurαȷ
    This is some sad stuff.
  • Tyliah
    Good story
  • SentientBrick
    Gravity would dissagree
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Health don't agree with that
  • IkilledCupid_
  • stuntbrain
    Unless you're trying to float
    • Although density would be the determining factor

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Yeah but that's how gravity works. lol
  • Good take
  • SketchForger
    So much joke potential from the title...
  • John_Doesnt
    Weight brings everybody down because of gravity.
  • valualty
    Expect on the scale lol
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Great take !