8 Things That Will Not Help You Keep the Weight Off

One of the major problems with those that attempt weight loss, is that they are looking for, tend to be quick fixes or temporary fixes, to what should in reality be a life long goal of maintaining a healthy weight.The constant up and down, and gaining more than you started with, and insane and dangerous methods some people resort to rarely if ever lead to anything but repeated failure and anguish that next month, you have to start all over again.

1. Diet Pills/Laxatives

8 Things That Will Not Help You Keep the Weight Off

Yup, there are still people in 2017 that think diet pills and laxatives are good ways to get the weight down. The diet pill industry is largely unregulated. Why? In order to get a diet pill on the shelf, all the company has to do legally, is essentially put a disclaimer on their product that says what they are claiming will help you lose weight has not officially been tested or approved by the FDA and that results may vary. As long as the pills don't kill people, they can be sold to just about anyone as OTC's. Most contain insane amounts of caffeine that keep you high strung and jittery, but don't actually do much for the old waist line. And laxatives...your body is not designed to keep mass emptying your digestive tank like that. Laxatives are designed for temporary relief of a clog from time to time, not everyday use. Abuse can lead to all sorts of expensive health problems which are much worse than just simply going to the gym and learning to eat right.

2. Frozen Dinners

It sounds so convenient. You just pop them into the microwave, they are low calorie, they allegedly contain healthy ingredients, BUT don't be fooled. Frozen dinners like most diet food, compensate for lack of calories, by upping salt and sometimes sugar content. They stuff them with plenty of additives the body does not want or need and because the portions are TINY, most people remain ravenous after eating them and tend to binge more later on in the day anyway. I mean, something called a pasta with a tomato sauce, should not contain 35 ingredients, 20 of them you can't find in nature.

3. All Exercise, Bad Diet

If you are one of those super motivated people who has no problem with exercise, but thinks they can still eat a bad diet, you may totally be spinning your wheels. If you are an Olympian or a professional foot baller who does indeed workout 4, 5, 6, 8 hours a day, then sure, but going hard an hour a day in the gym and then eating 2 pizzas, drinking 3 cokes, and eating some nuggets and a snickers bar, aren't going to have you seeing much weight loss on the scale because that is not fueling your body for proper weight loss or muscle gain. Also, if you are going hard at the gym and something happens and you suffer injury, need surgery, or illness with no way to workout, what then? Not to mention going hard at the gym all the time with no rest, tends to lead to injury anyway.

4. 60 Day Diets

It is exhausting to have to keep trying to lose weight. It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication to shed the pounds, and every time you commit to some insane 60, 30, 1 week plan, you are only going to see temporary results because there just is no way to sustain these plans long term, which is why they are 60 day plans only. These fad programs and exercise plans have you going to extremes to burn with no long term pay off not to mention they tend to be expensive. If you're going to invest in something, invest in a personal trainer or seeing a nutritionist or an actual gym membership to help you see long term results.

5. Meal Centers

These have popped up more and more these days. How realistic is this long term? You are paying a high premium for someone else to continuously make your food. This is not a sustainable down the road unless you are rich enough to afford these plans for life. They also can't really help you when you are out with friends for the night or go on vacation or business trips because the delivery services tend to be local only. YOU need to learn to take care of yourself and your diet no matter the situation because life can throw anything at you at any time.

6. Weight Loss Gadgets

All these gimmicky waist trainers, and supposed fat shredding gadgets and such will always end up dumped in the trash. You may see a few results here and there, but are these going to get you down to your goal weight, no. Don't waste your money on any machine or gadget that does one thing. If you are going to fork over some money, invest in something that works multiple aspects of your body like a bike or a treadmill.

7. Spot Training

...and speaking of, stop trying to spot train. Please for the love of everything that is right in the world, know that spot training is useless. Your body/muscles work in tandem with one another. By working your entire body, you are increasing the amount of weight you can shed and muscle you will gain by leaps and bounds above just expending all your time/energy on doing a 1,000 crunches a day. Don't put more time and energy into something that if you do it right, can be done with less effort in the first place with better results.


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  • You know, I can see what you're saying here in all of these, but I know this girl who lost a ton of weight using starvation and laxatives -- and she continues to keep it off using a very controlled diet and umm... more laxatives. I don't think this is good for her, however she is completely loving her new life of being a guy magnet.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I think that you can do something that is unhealthy (I believe that what she's doing is unhealthy), yet still have it be something that works to keep the weight off.

    • Something is not "helping you" keep the weight off if it is simultaneously destroying your body. Starvation will keep weight off, but it will also kill you if you keep at it, and the thinnest person of all is a skeleton in the grave. Laxative abuse leads to internal damage like an over-stretched or lazy colon which can no longer self regulate without higher and higher doses of laxatives, which can lead to colon infections, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and liver damage. In extreme laxative abuse, organ failure and colon cancer can develop due to misuse which can lead to death. So either your friend will have to stop this behavior on her own, aka it can't "help" her anymore, or she will abuse her body until it can no longer handle the abuse and it may lead her to an early grave.

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    • @redeyemindtricks You know, I can totally see that if they were focused on numbers (i. e. their weight), then they'd be totally into dehydration and what not because it's not about anything other than chasing that number lower and lower even if it doesn't actually help them achieve their goals. Then again... I guess it is helping to reach their twisted goal...

    • They're definitely focused on numbers — but, the gain and/or loss of water weight is also an EASILY VISIBLE phenomenon.
      like the waxing and waning of "bloating" that accompanies many women's menstrual periods, but, MUCH more pronounced.

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  • The delivery services (point no. 5) ••are•• somewhat expensive, sure.
    The dollar value of TIME — especially for busy professionals — is not zero!
    For a fair and meaningful comparison, the other side of the balance sheet has to include not only the cost of the groceries themselves, but also the value of the TIME needed to go to the store, collect the groceries, line up, pay for them, bag them up, return home from the store, transfer the groceries from the bags to the refrigerator/freezer/cupboards, prepare the food, cook the food, AND wash up the dishes afterwards (if the delivered food can be cooked in, and eaten from, the original packaging).
    You also need to factor in the cost of getting to/from the grocery store (s). If you drive, that includes fuel AND an amortized fraction of car maintenance costs. If you take transit, that includes the cost of the transportation itself AND whatever bags/backpacks/other carry-alls you use to get all those groceries back home from the store.
    If you're washing fewer dishes because you can eat from the packaging, then, also figure in the cost of detergent, sponges, etc. plus the electricity used to run a dishwasher (if you use one).

    If you make a comparison that actually accounts for ALL the costs of purchasing and cooking normal groceries — including all the items above — he additional premium paid for the delivered food ••could•• EASILY be worth it.

    A lot of my friends are professionals who use these meal delivery services and absolutely swear by them. For those friends, the extra hour or two per day that they DON'T spend grocery shopping / going to and from the store / cooking / cleaning up the kitchen is ••priceless••.

    As for my friends who DON'T want these services, and/or have discontinued using them, there are pretty much just 4 reasons:
    • They just get sick of eating all their food from one source — it's ilke eating every meal at the same restaurant, eventually they just get sick of it.
    • Their household includes a stay-at-home and/or non-working spouse who has LOTS of time to shop and cook.
    • Cooking is a hobby that they actually enjoy.
    • They have unusually specific dietary needs, for health reasons, athletic/aesthetic performance, or whatever.


    For random busy SINGLE professionals, especially, these services can be so worthwhile that it'd be a bad business decision NOT to use them (unless those people just like cooking, and/or need to prepare special diets).


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What Guys Said 5

  • Frozen dinners work fine for me. I eat them for lunch alongside a greek yogurt cup and a packet of tuna. Other than that, great list!

  • I feel that if you exercise and still eat crap then your prob not exercising properly (if your doing it to lose weight). I would be getting stomach aches and puking all over if i ate crap.

    • A fine example of this was Usain Bolt, famous Olympic athlete. His coaches begged him to change his diet for better performance, but he was known to chug junk food. Obviously, not many could argue his talent on the track, but he did eventually realize his off the track diet wasn't helping improve his performance, so he switched to a more healthy diet... but like a lost of professional athletes, he could pull that off because of his intense level of daily workouts year round, but if you work in some office somewhere, you aren't running and jumping hurdles, you're not going to get that level of good result eating crap food and I agree, if the goal is weight loss, natural whole foods diet is a HUGE part of that.

  • So now I know what not to do. But that doesn't give me a real plan of what to do. How does that help me?

  • These are all true. Good list.

  • Off label stimulants like ritalin or aderall will make you lose weight. They can be considered diet pills. Obese people get given pharmacuetical meth sometimes for weight loss.


What Girls Said 4

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this. I myself have done weight loss in the past and I must say the working out and bad diet was a struggle except my bad diet was bad but limited calories. I would end up not eating enough because I would eat crap that took up a good amount of the calories I was allowed I would simply eat less.

    Fast forward to now I am losing weight again and started two years ago. with my previous attempt yes I lot weight but I didn't change my habits. Now my weight loss has been a success because I have changed my ways, there is no quick fix. It is a life time of dedication to being better and working out and eating right. That's not to say I don't enjoy the bad foods I love still.

    • That's what I like to hear... when it clicks and people finally get that there is no easy way to lose weight. Easy, isn't even the right word becuase often times so called easy quick fixes, will get weight off quick, but come back or come back 2 fold, so you have to start all over again---how is that easy, how does that save you money, why do you have to keep trying something new the next time to now work?

      Your body needs exercise to maintain your muscle/heart/brain health and it needs a healthy diet to fuel your body. I like your attitude, and I actually think it's the right one... it's not an all or nothing thing with food... enjoy what you love from time to time, but don't go overboard with it or make those greasy sweet high cal meals your everyday.

  • Just eat fruits and vegetables, try to stay away from animal products and saturated fat. Drink water too

  • Just exercise. It's all that helps.

  • so true