5 Weight Loss Problems - How to BEAT THEM!

Successful weight loss is just a little more complex than this!
Successful weight loss is just a little more complex than this!

If you're new to weight loss - and even if you aren't-

you may think that a successful weight loss journey is a simple struggle-free battle ... and that it starts the day you snap out of your old habits and start eating the right way, and ends the day you reach your dream weight ... without a single bump along the way. NOT!

Well, here's something you probably know instinctively: in the course of a weight loss journey, everybody encounters detours and set-backs. And feeling like one "bad" meal, day, or week is a good way to set yourself up for failure! In any process that requires changing lifestyle habits, there are going to be ups and downs. Understand that, and you're on your way to lifelong successful weight management.

Don't let one or two setbacks control you. Success is the sum of repeated small efforts.
Don't let one or two setbacks control you. Success is the sum of repeated small efforts.

Common Obstacle #1: Shame

Maybe you skipped your Weight Watchers Meeting because you knew you gained some weight.

Knowing you overindulged can be upsetting enough, but instead of punishing yourself, learn from the lesson. Out of shame, you may feel tempted to stop recording what you eat in your Journal, or to stop stepping on the scale. Don't! Keeping a good food journal keeps you aware of what you're doing. You can use it together with weekly weigh-ins to find out how well you're doing.

Set realistic goals and then "work the plan" on a regular basis.

Common Obstacle #2: Unrealistic Deadlines

You just HAVE to lose more weight to fit into that bridesmaid’s dress; the wedding is getting soooo close. Every time you say you want to lose weight by a certain date or event, you likely wind up not losing anything and sometimes gaining.

How to jump the hurdle: Just “do the plan” every day. The temptation to try to get to a certain weight goal in time for an event that you want to look awesome for such as a wedding or reunion is strong. But doing could just set you up for failure, and not making your deadline could turn you off of weight loss totally. Be patient with your body. Set realistic goals, then work hard to get to them. Remember, making your weight goal will feel just as great if it takes you longer to get there, and taking the time to establish healthy habits will help you maintain your weight goal longer.

A "diet" implies a beginning and an end. Make smart choices an everyday happening.

Common Obstacle #3: The "Diet" Mentality

Thinking “diet” rather than “lifestyle change” is another set-up for dieting disaster.”

How to jump the hurdle: Something you do for a couple weeks is not going to change your life. Create habits that you know you'll be able to do every day for the rest of your life, and, even if it's one habit at a time, dedicate yourself to making the changes permanent. This way, your weight loss will have a better chance of being permanent, too!

Resist the short term attractiveness of temptation and focus on your long term goals.
Resist the short term attractiveness of temptation and focus on your long term goals.

Common Obstacle #4: Temptation

Points dieters. Does restricting foods from your diet just make you want to eat that restricted food even more? You’re not alone.

How to jump the hurdle: If you have favorite foods that are very high in POINTS, and you really love them, deciding you'll never eat them again is a recipe for disaster. Because then, when the temptation wins (and it probably will), you'll feel as though you've failed. The trick is to find ways to fit that food in without going over your POINTS range. Look for low-POINTS versions, or bank some POINTS so that every once in a while you have room to splurge.

Realize that results seldom comes in a 100% smooth and even way.
Realize that results seldom comes in a 100% smooth and even way.

Common Obstacle #5: Plateaus

When you hit a plateau in your weight loss- and you will if you haven’t already- what do you do? Panic? Quit? You don’t have to do either.

How to jump the hurdle: Understand that it's totally okay to reach a plateau in your weight loss, in fact, it’s much more likely to occur than most people realize. The reasons could be your body's natural reaction, or it could mean you've loosened up on the good habits you've developed. Either way, break through by keeping at it, sticking with the plan, and increasing exercise. Be patient, and you will make your goal!

Be patient, work the plan, and you can make your goal!
Be patient, work the plan, and you can make your goal!
5 Weight Loss Problems - How to BEAT THEM!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Excellent post! Yes! I think one of the reasons some people are fat is because they don't realize its okay to take your time losing weight. You don't have to look like Gisele Bundchen in 2 days - its okay to spend 2-3 years trying to burn off the fat.
    Is this still revelant?
    • And the "long timers" are more likely to KEEP it off, too.

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  • drdidier2
    I would add here the power of bad habits. Overeating is more of a habit than anything else, and it is almost as strong as covering with a blanket when you go to sleep.
    • True. A book that addresses the psychological aspect well is "Stop Gaining Weight: Three "no nonsense" steps to no more pounds", by Dr. Laura Pawlak.

  • racer10
    This is has become one of most difficult and defining for personal mental health. Everyone has an opinion for you; something is said about the subject everyday; your awareness of it gets amplified; if you do something about it or don't: your focus on it takes up majority of your thoughts; which influence your decision making your perception and your disposition.

    It's tough... but it's just weight but weight you carry inside you in the form of FAT DEPOSITS.
    if that is true them what others say doesn't matter until you decide that it matters. In other words, no one forces you to feel anything unless you want.
    So if you want to lose weight, do it for the right reason for you. Don't deny yourself of anything just understand how little of your favorites, or any food, can you get by on. Have a burger, but bring a friend, take a bite or few small one and give rest to your friend. Eat with only one bun... just try stuff that takes you to where you understand how little of you can do with... remember don't waste food.
    Do this first then along the way you'll do what's best for you on physical activities... find something you want to do but do that only couple of times a week. Rest you compromise...
    Make it your lifestyle not a goal...
  • Most importantly start doing any kind of sports. Not eating a lot alone won't help at anything
    • Unless the sports are extremely intense, most people can create a calorie deficit (weight loss) more easily by reducing calorie intake, especially through portion control and snack control.

  • SarahMuller
    The first thing you got to do is accept the fact that you are beautiful - no matter what your weight is. After you will become even more beautiful with losing a few pounds :).
  • NerdInDenial
    Using a caloric calculator like MyFitnessPal is helpful
    • Another tool in the kit is always a great addition.

  • Daniel3035
    In general you don't need to eat no bad foods in fact I eat chocolate 3/4 times a week or less pizza sometimes 3 times a month. I'm still 13.6% body fat. You need bad food to lose fat if not your body will look disproporitinate in terms of fat.
    Key things are:
    Eat what you want in "proportion" not excess.
    To lose weight you need to do weights not just cardio very important to do cardio before weight training otherwise the cardio will eat up your weight workout. If you don't replace your lost fat with muscle it will just replace with what you eat ie fat.
    Lastly water after a workout very important muscle takes time to grow so temporarily the parts of your body that has lost fat will be replaced with water after this your body fat remoulds to give an even spread all over your body this is why you lose fat in a certain part of your body but all of a sudden it comes back over time eat low fat let your muscle grow then feel free to eat something bad.
  • John_Doesnt
    My health routine is to not have a health routine. I live Fast and Die Hard.
  • Wifflesnoofer63
    Give up all bread and anything with added sugar. The fat will melt off in no time.
    • Ketogenic diets can certainly help. This take was more about generalities and not specific plans such as keto, paleo, WW, JC, etc.

  • Montana07
  • Penelope_
    Good take!
  • acstyles
    Life saving take 👌
  • Good take
  • Muhammad1999
    nice take
  • Ok_ko
    It’s still hard bro
  • Anonymous
    I was sent to super strict fat camp when I was 16. Where they shamed and beat me to motivate me. It was he'll on earth but I list the weight. I think forcing fat people to special camps they can't leave until they lose weight is the answer.
  • Anonymous
    I also want to give some advice to all people who are on a diet: cardio is better than resistance training or weight-lifting if you want to lose weight
    If you lift weights you might put on weight as you gain muscle mass
    • Muscle mass is more compact than fat mass and burns three times the calories of fat mass when at rest. What people find out when doing weight training is that even though their weight loss tends to flatten out and stabilize, their measurements will typically continue to shrink a bit. Most fitness experts suggest alternating a day of interval cardio with a day of weight training, three cycles a week, plus a day of rest.