Full of streotypes and enjoy to shame and degrade people only because of the way they look? I might be your worst nightmare!


I am fully awere that it is a strange title but let me explain.

I have been on this site for a while and I read things here, things that made me sick and disgusted. I am honestly shocked people say these opnions "out loud" (although I highly doubt they would be this radical on real life.) but what suprises me more that it was so common.

Men and women alike which even shocked me more since my basic hypothesis was that these views would be more common among men but I was unpleasantly surprised to see that I was wrong.

So I am here to shatter your unjustified stigmas of overweight people on general and spesifically on women since I am a woman.

1. Fat women do not workout and if they do workout they are on their phones all the time - I work out at least 4 times a week, studio classes mostly. My phone is in my backpack which is not near me while I work out, I love the time of being free from my phone, it relaxes me. And when I say workout I dont mean just cardio. I do strengh traning as well.

I go to classes that were developed by Les Mills and are a world wide phenomonon due to how addictive they are. It was what got me so addicted to the gym. My favourite ones are Body pump (Strengh training with barbell), Body tone (Combines cardio, strengh and core), Body attack (Combines strengh and cardio in full power), RPM (Cycling) and CX workout (Focuses on core mostly).

2. Fat people are lack of self discplane and are very stupid - Well I have always been a straight A student, now in university my avearage stands on 89\100, pretty good I would say and you can not really be at the top of your class in most exams if you dont work hard. It takes a lot of self discplane to maintain good grades. That being said I also combined part time job (waitress, so you could imgine I did not sit around all day) and worked out very often.

Now that I value my self and know what I worth I am no long a worrier, I am a warrior.
Now that I value my self and know what I worth I am no long a worrier, I am a warrior.

3. Fat people just eat all day and all they eat is junk - I eat healthy, try to avoid junk food and mainly drink non caloric drinks (I dont drink milk at all due to health reasons). I love salads and I despite ranch and all those dressings that are loaded with callories. I hardly try to eat out as little as possible, mostly on social gatherings. I prefer eating at home since I love having control on what I eat and put in my body. I do not smoke and drink alcohol rarely.

4. Fat people are ugly - Beauty is subjective but I do think that I am pleasnt looking. I have nice face and a proportional body. Also unlike the common streotype of fat women, my breasts are very perky.

5. Fat people are unhealthy - I dont really have any health problems, my blood tests are good and I think I was sick only once for the last two years. I have high energy and I am an early bird.

*I am 5'5 and 180 lbs but very muscular for a woman*

So for the next time you have negative streotypes on fat people I want you to think of this. Not all fat people are the same, not all blonde people are the same, not all short people are the same.

Dont judge people only because of the way they look, get to know the person first. I am not telling you to date fat women but I am asking not to walk with signs that are "fat people are this and that".

Also: If you dont have anything smart or nice to say in the comments dont bother leaving a comment at all.

Peace and love.

Full of streotypes and enjoy to shame and degrade people only because of the way they look? I might be your worst nightmare!
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  • JamesBoradil03
    these are not steryotpes they are true, i was fat for a long while, and made the same excuses, but in reality i was lazy and not doing everything i could to lose the weight. and yes fat people are unattractive, because attraction is based on finding a suitable mate that can survive, and being fit means you are a suitable mate who can survive. and its not that fat people do not work out or they are always o their phone, its that they will walk a mile and say thats enough for the day, or they will do the bare minimum to feel good about theirselves and stop. yes some people are naturally heavy set, but these people are in the extremem minority and even they can lose weight even though it takes more work and time. there is no excuse to be fat, and accepting it is enableing an unhealthy life style (you can't say its healthy because it is proven to cause heart disease, diabetes, and mental problems)
    • I have just showed you a counter example.
      I have lost 40 lbs by now and I think it shows that I have what it takes, I lost the weight (and keep losing) for me, not for the mentally retarded people who will change their mind about me because I lost weight.
      I dont walk a mile if I workout, I do progrems by Les Mills called "Body Pump", "Body Attack", "Body Tone" and "RPM", look for them online.
      The fact that you assume that I only do the bare minimum showing how ignorant you are or just has a hard time accepting the honest truth.
      I can say that *I* as a person am healthy and happen to be overweight, I might be in the extream minority but I exsist and I am a counter example to every single one of your streotypes.
      Being underweight is also unhealthy as it cause many fertility problems (and I think if you want to find a suitable mate fertility problems might not be ideal) but being underweight is praised.
      Then again, I am not *that* overweight I am 178 lbs (weighed myself today, just like everyday to keep track)
      Accepting an unhealthy lifestyle is bad not understanding that people are diffrent. My friend is underweight and never works out. She also drinks a lot of alcohol. Pretty unhealthy to me but she can not gain weight.

    • being overweight is a product of being unhealthy. but aside from that, im happy for you that you have been working this hard. what i said was about people who are fat and are doing nothing to lose weight, who accept they are fat. good job though, its a long road, but its by far worth it

    • So again, you are prooved to be wrong since you simply assume all overweight people dont make an effort, its a long road.
      Even if I am perfect I will not wake up slim the next day. It takes time, I might be overweight now but you have no right to label me as anything.
      If you see an overweight person you dont know their story, what they went through, they might be in the middle of the process and you have no right to label them without knowing them first.

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