Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys


I here women on this site complain about overly skinny guys all the time. I also see them all over the place, and now in these recent months I am also one of them.

I'm going to delvge into why this is the case for so many male Americans. Why can't they all be walking Thor's right ladies? If only they just worked out and gave a damn! Those lazy skinny boys!

(sarcasm intended)

In the world we have finite food supply for each given day. Well. I'm not the first to ask the question 'if we were to evenly divide up all food supply and distribute it exactly the same to every individual -- all 7.5 billion of us, at once -- then there would only be 2,800 calories to go around to each person.

Well. To achieve a Thor like physique, a man must consume well beyond 2,800 calories per day. In fact, for example, according to Cortana Dwyane Johnson consumes 5,200 calories per day, or 10lbs of food per day

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

in order to maintain his physique.

Here's the problem: because economics preserves supply with increased demand, price increases with scarcity. This means the following: once you begin to exceed the 2,800 calorie equilibrium, things begin getting exponentially expensive -- and fast.

Not to mention, every time a person like Dwyane 'the rock' eats for a day he takes food away from some unknown number of other people -- as does anyone who consumes more than 2,800 calories. That's why it gets expensive.

Narrow this down to 'healthy' calories and the price soars even higher. And ditto for lean protein and meats.

So what happens? A guy like Dwayne is a movie star with millions of dollars. He can afford his 5,000 calorie diet.

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

What can I say.

However, unfortunately, what he's doing is ultimately not good for the rest of us.

The phenomena is called The Malthusian Trap.

Replace 'population growth' with 'muscle growth' and it applies perfectly. If we continue increasing food supply, male bodies will just continue growing. Moreover, enough will never be good enough. Guys will want to get bigger and bigger. But even ignoring that, there isn't enough lean meat to go around for 5,000 calories per person anyway. 2,800 is fine for ensuring regular baseline nutrition -- but that is exactly what creates skinny guys

And this is what's going on. Also, if they are financially dependent and live at home then they are at the mercy of their families eating habbits -- which may be total shit or pretty good. It's luck of the draw. But it seems to me most families are feeding their boys packaged tortellini and pre cooked meatballs that's simple flour carbs and powdered cheese (not good) and processed meats once a day with some tiny breakfast. And it's a half-assed meal too. Definitely not capable of producing a good body.

Perfect example:

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

that was before Beiber got his tatoos and starting eating better.

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

He had to up his calorie intake to the point where it would get a little expensive for a working class guy his age to pay for that nutrition program. And not only would a working class person struggle to pay for that, he would also be burning to many calories at work.
Working Class Jobs are Too Cardio Intensive

Not only would a working class guy struggle to fund food intake and gym memberships, they'd also burn too many calories working in factories, warehouses and construction and what not to sustain any muscle mass and growth.

In this way, the only guys who can afford a goof physique are those who get paid an above average income, don't work in manual labor and have the free time to eat large meals at regular intervals and workout regularly.

Guess what, high paying office jobs don't allow time to eat 7 meals a day. Even if they pay well and are not laborious.

That leaves two or three groups leftover. Artists, Actors and Fitness Industry Members.

And those are, really, the only men in our society who have good bodies. Well, them and boys under the age of 22 who have rich parents who can fund their diet and workout routines while in high school amd college. And that's the only men we see in society who are actually built. Aside from a few scragglers who manage to pull off bodybuilding in unfavorable circumstamces. However, the vast majority end up looking like Beiber beforr tattoos.

What about fat guys?

Ever thought about how McDonald's is cheaper than meat from Whole Foods?

Turns out heavily processed low nutrition foods are *way cheaper* than natural healthy whole foods. Some guys hate feeling hungry all the time, so they cave and go get McDonald's every day. As a result they get lots of empty calories that ultimately turn into high amounts of body fat.

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

So we end up with lots of skinny guys, and lots of fat guys, and very few physically fit guys. And that's why it happens.

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys
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  • the_mad_tinkerer
    Yeah, I had this same thought. Glad ti hear I wasn't alone. The price of nutritious food is too damn high. Add to that the amount of gym time necessary to build a a good body and all a regular dude like me would do would be eat, cook, work, workout, take care of my family.
    Goes without saying same thing happens to women too.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Robertcw

      Yep. If ypu have kids it's worse. That'sy theory on how dad bods are created.

      If a guy had tons of muscle before kids, then he probably won't have it after multiple kids.

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  • J3nny
    So? Not our problem. I also hate skinny guys. They look weak. I like average fit guys. Which isn’t hard. I hate seeing people complain.
    • bonesssss

      If a guy said he hated fat girls every girl would go insane.

    • Ayer93

      I also hate dumb girls. They sound like idiots. I like girls with an average intelligence, which isn't hard. I hate seeing people complain about skinny guys.

    • J3nny

      Well i get if guys don’t like fat girls. i’m fine with that. @bonesssss

      i hate dumb people too. they piss me the fuck off. average intelligence is boring as well. i like really smart guys. also most don’t complain it’s just a preference. @Ayer93

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  • Buckzor
    Food really isn't that expensive if all you're looking at is weight gain or loss.


    All cheap to get 4000+ calories plus per day. Maybe there won't be much protein in the diet, but for most people you don't NEED absurd amounts of protein.
    • Celtero

      Really? From what I've read, you need to consume 1g of protein for every lb you weigh.

    • Buckzor

      That’s the higher end, only really applicable for bodybuilders. Still getting that much isn’t really that hard either. That would be the main costs of shopping since carbs are so cheap.

  • Hydrogen
    I was skinny as a kid, I went fat in high schools (not like in the pic, just a bit of belly) and now that I work and go to uni I've made gym room in my apartment and I use local park to work out, I've cut down belly fat and got muscle just by overeating and work outs.. I've always thought I eat too much (when I was fat I ate twice a day only and about 1500 calories).. Accidentally installed an app my sister uses to track stuff I eat and app said I'm starving 😂🤔 how tf am I starving I have 105kg bruh.. And I kinda did starve I just didn't know it. I was hungry all the time. So I read some tips on the internet and decided to do keto diet. After only a week of keto I've stopped my constant hunger and I felt like I don't even need to eat, I lost my hunger as well as some of my belly fat. I still kept eating forcefully and then dropped my keto because I wanted my calories back and some MORE mass (I had good mass already in highschool). I've started working out every day for hour and a half at home and almost tripled my calorie intake (so about 4k a day). I've probably shocked my body, however it worked, took me few months to bulk up and my belly also went away (which I thought is impossible to do with power lifting but it is possible, weights will burn fat also, you don't need HIIT as everyone is saying). So that's my story. Oh and my opinion.. I hated being skinny, I'd always choose mass over skinny, because skinny=undeveloped body of a 10 year old girl.. Still not sure how girls like that. No offense to skinny lads:)
    • Robertcw

      Yeah man. You were probably experiencing metabolic crash. Causes men's belly to grow, but muscle mass in arms and shoulders to fade.

    • Robertcw

      Undereating can do that over time. However, if you flatout don't eat you will lose all muscle and fat -- but it's very hard on the body.

      Causes adrenal fatigue and stress.

      Getting calorie intake up boosts metabolism.

    • Hydrogen

      Yeah it's insane that I can eat more and not get fat.. That's where most people think wrong. They think eating a lot makes you fat.

  • Warmapplecrumble
    I agree. I also find it hard to put on weight as I can't afford or actually even feel hungry for so much food.
    • Also I don't think men are supposed to ever be that big naturally. It looks strange.
      If men were supposed to be like Rock then average woman should look like Serina Williams to balance it out.--.

    • Same here... that's why I drink calories (ultra fine oats) after an average meal several times a day.

  • SexyAshh
    Another guy complaining about women wanting men to be “average”

    Not fat, not skinny.
    Wow, that must be so hard.
    Go to a gym and take some protein powder, not that damn hard🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    • Devon69

      Now I do tree work and I'm fit I'm not close to being fat 200Ibs thin all mass I think it's a win win

    • Celtero

      What do you know about it?

      Girls seem to have a pretty hard time avoiding the thunder thighs these days.

      Skinny used to be the norm less than a century ago. Now with gym culture men are expected to be ripped while women ballon to new extremes.

    • How about letting men do what they want sweetie -_- all bodies are beauitful

  • ChefCurry
    Guys are skinny because they dont lift. Fat guys are fat because they dont know when to stop eating, or spend 15 minutes finding the closest parking spot.
    • Robertcw

      Lifting without food causes losses man.

  • Whitewolf24
    If you're skinny it doesn't really take that much to get in decent shape. I'm no body builder but I'm a similar size as beiber maybe a little bigger. I just do dumbell workout every other day for like a half hour and play a lot of ice hockey (not competitive). I also don't eat a lot of food because I have a food allergy that is a huge part of the weatern diet which is wheat.
  • adolescentswede
    Anecdote: i have tried to build muscles during labour jobs it works to a point but i had trouble eating enough. I realign my goals to reach average bmi i have reach that in part but not quite the ideal.
    I still excercise in a sense but i do not focus on muscles my focuses would be 1 cardio 2 flexibillity 3 strength
  • bamesjond0069
    Eating healthy is not that expensive. I also go to the gym 1 or 2x a week. I can deadlift 2.5x my body weight. Squat 2x my weight. Bench 1.5x my weight. Im pretty fit. I eat about 2800 when gaining weight and less when losing weight. I think y'all just lazy bums or following fitness fads instead of doing the right things. Too much retarded info out there like this post. If you aren't strong and ripped im not going to listen to anything you have to say about diet or fitness. Just saying.
  • Smiley_face101
    I gained muscle in a deficit.
    Its all from working out, all you gotta do is lift twice a week, its not that much
    • Well no, it's called newbie gains, it only works on people new to lifting. After several months it will stop and you will have to start "bulking" and "cutting" to go any further, and you will have to exercise much more often ( I do 5x weekly and I look nowhere near Thor)

  • irishpete
    You my friend are completely wrong , in both your statistics and and theory, first off, food supply is infinite, once there is demand , more food will be processed... and while eating healthy can be more expensive than fast foods. It doesn't have to break the bank, lean meats from your local butcher and fresh vegetables are key but your workout is the key to gaining muscle... so stop. making excuses for being skinny... mind you, there's nothing wrong with that especially if you're happy but if you want to gain some muscle, work hard and play harder
  • yourfavperson
    what phone brand has that ugly squiggle font? i hate it!
    • Robertcw

      -_- really.

    • im so serious. i see it all the time and it just looks like microsoft font from when i was 7

    • Robertcw

      LOL. Microsoft from when you were 7. That's a first.

      Korean phones have this font built in.

  • Galaz
    I didn't get the post. Just rants about calories and other people and blabla if u want to change u change dont give me excuses. Before u give me pepper i used to be fat. And i spent actually less money when i started loosing fat. Its a matter of using ur common sense. Now some peoples common sense has been skewed to such and extent they dont know how to even begin changing their diet. Im a man of extreme change so ur post means diddle to me. Hope it helps some people. But i just got the jist of u making excuses for people. And in this day and age do people need more pillows sown to their arms?

    Come at me warriors lets battle
    • Robertcw

      Uhh, to lose weight to need to consume less calories than you burn. So it makes perfect sense that when you ate less you list weight.

  • TenPoundTabby
    No, no, and no. First, your economic theory is all wrong. You believe in the finite pie theory and that simply isn't so. A rising tide lifts all boats. There is no set amount of food in the world, because life expectancy stats are increasing for EVERYONE. The amount of good quality food available is increasing and has increased in my lifetime.

    Healthy food is CHEAP. You just have to spend the time to prepare it. If you learn to do this, you can "get good". The same goes with working out. You can choose to become efficient at working out. Furthermore, you don't have to spend a lot of time working out to develop muscles, just incorporate it into your daily activity.

    This post was just a long exercise in self-justifying bad behaviors that people have.
  • englisc
    I disagree. It's not expensive to get into shape unless you buy into the bullshit of the fitness industry which is really all about encouraging you to spend money on useless stuff.

    Until I got this job a few years ago every other job I had was minimum wage, manual labour. The only thing that happened there was that I couldn't afford to eat a ton of food. I bought good food though, so that meant I just didn't gain a ton of weight. In fact I had a body pretty much like Justin Beiber's there.

    I also trained a lot of boxing. In my area most of the guys boxed. Most of them worked similar jobs, construction and things like that. All of them looked like that. They weren't fat or skinny. That kind of body isn't hard to achieve.

    Being overweight or skinny is mostly down to laziness and not understanding how to choose the right food. All the rest is just excuse making.
    • Robertcw

      Well, I'm just talking lean meats. Like chicken thighs and fish. Stuff isn't really that cheap. You cpuld easily be looking at $1,000 a month in food.

    • englisc

      Food must be ridiculously expensive where you live. It costs me around £50-60 to feed myself per week, and I get plenty of that. That's like $60-75 per week. And it only costs me that much because I work away at the moment, and with nowhere to cook food I have to buy the meat cooked. It would be even cheaper if I were able to store and cook food at home.

    • Robertcw

      I also found out I burn 2,000 calories a day at work. So, I'm going to have to account for that.

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  • Moonchild714
    He has to eat that much because he works oit and butns off all those calories. If he just ate that much and sat on his ass like sibmany Americans he'd Fat as a House just like most of America!!! Be rich and famous has nothing to do with it. I know a lot of people that have his body type because they eat proper foods and work out. Sure it's more expensive to eat healthy that's why smart people do things like grow their own produce and herbs and spices. Buy meat directly from the Farmer. Instead of the Grocer. We buy a half of a Cow a whole pig cut it up and freeze. Unprocessed Bacon the way it was meant to be tastes a hell of a lot better than the shit you get at the stores!!!
    • Robertcw

      Yeah, growing your own herbs won't cut it. Buying directly from a farm, that could probably work if you knew someone.

  • standardguy
    You can be physically fit without having much muscles.
  • Extras
    It's very hard because I eat like a truck. I even asked my friend who's bigger than me how he eats and I surprisingly eat more than him. I don't know why im still skinny
  • Solomoncumquats
    I'm am fairly lean, but not bone showing skinny, that's only because videogames and anime come before Working out and talking to girls
  • mo12ra
    You eat more calories. You workout harder. To turn the calories into power and you need protien for your damaged muscles.
    • mo12ra

      See working out will damage your muscles to make them bigger and stronger.

  • -Asca-
    I have enough money to buy more food thank you for your concern.

    I must say though that eating doesn't really help against being skinny af.
    • Robertcw

      Gotta up your calorie count then. Only way you don't gain weight is if you burn more or the same amount of calories as you consume.

    • He is actually right. The thing is how fast the metabolism is. I eat double of one of my friends who is really fat.

      Though having more protien and carbs than fats is the key.

      by the way I am really skinny, but working my way up. Let me know if anyone wanna join in...

    • Robertcw

      @mad_philosopher Well I'm always down for fitness goals. I had an expensive diet working last year but haven't heen able to replicate it at lower cost.

      I don't know if it's possible to do it for less than about $800 a month in food. I've been crunching the numbes since the start of summer.

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  • ROCKS128
    Its is true.
    But also funny😂
    Rock indeed is a robber😂
  • canichangethislater
    Been trying to bulk up myself and it's ridiculously hard tbh. can't stop me though 💪🏻
  • Ellie-V
    I like chubby guys so...😂
    • Robertcw

      shoot. Better start eating that dollar menu then.

    • Personally I would eat the food, the menu may be a little difficult to digest

    • Ellie-V

      Omg, I love that 😂 @Giggletr0n

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  • nerms123
    I like skinny guys
  • cth96190
    Here a d hear.
    Know the difference.
  • blondfrog
    Muscle takes a lot of hard work that's why.
  • sunchips
    Do why the sky is blue next.
  • Crazed777
    Underactive and overactive thyroid problems
    • Ayer93

      And apparently 1 brazil nut a day accounts for 100% of your daily value of selenium, which is great for balancing thyroid issues.

  • MrHealthyHabits
    The rock has also cycled steroids for years...
  • jonesjessica812
    Because weight training is their enemy
  • Anonymous
    Good thoughts here.