What To Do If You're Sick and Have The Winter Chills!


Hi guys! So, I'm writing this MyTake because, long story short- I'm sick. I started catching something on Monday after college but I just thought I was tired at the time, then I fell asleep and woke up with really bad stomach pain so I got a hotwater bottle, paracetamol and some herbal tea and went back to sleep. Tuesday morning I woke up, and yeah I didn't go to college even though I wanted to because, attendance. I still had the stomach pains, and on top, I had my joint pains I couldn't even close my left hand without it hurting but I slept that off and I was still a little under the weather on Wednesday but I went to college anyway because it was only a two hour class, Thursdays are my day off college anyway and I slept through most of it and still managed to get my homework done, Fridays are a full day of college for me and since I missed Tuesday I wanted to go in on Friday. I did feel sick at college, but I saw it through and got home and just rested- by night I was feeling awful, I felt really weak, I had a headache which killed and I just felt really really sick. And today I've again, slept for most of the day, I had a headache but it's gone now, I've still got the sniffles and the sneezes, and I still feel weak but I'm not feeling horribly sick but I know I'm still ill.

To be honest, I feel like there's a little 'sick bug' going around - at my college anyway - because yesterday in my law class, my teacher was ill, a boy on my table had a cold and I've seen quite a few people ill at college as well.

I like to call this little 'sick bug' the 'winter chills' because usually, when winter is approaching or when it is winter, everyone gets sick because we've just had summer and the cold weather change is like a punch in the face.

I want to share with you guys a few things that made me feel better, because winter time is more or less here now, and with the weather change a lot of us are likely to get some kind of sick bug- so I hope this is helpful to you! :)

1) Sleep

Spidey Sleeping 😂
Spidey Sleeping 😂

Now my relationship with sleep is pretty standard. I hated going to bed as a kid, I love going to bed now, but sometimes I don't sleep- I stay awake because of my own thoughts, but not when I'm ill. When I'm ill I'm out like a light.

And sleeping whilst your ill is great because it allows you to relax, you don't feel any pain while you sleep and it lets your body "fix itself" while you're resting.

2) Have Some Soup

Spidey Soup 😂
Spidey Soup 😂

It might sound cliche, but soup is basically the number one go to food when you're ill. It could be tinned or homemade. I've had both.

My mum makes this amazing homemade vegtable soup, and it always makes me feel better after I've had it.

Plus, soup will warm you up if you feel cold and it's easy to digest so it's good for ill people.

3) Have Some Tea

Spidey Sipping Tea 😂
Spidey Sipping Tea 😂

Again a nice warm drink to warm you up when you're feeling sick. I drink tea all the time anyway, so I don't see it as a chore.

I do tend to have "honey and lemon tea" when I'm sick though. I had it yesterday and I've had two cups of it today and I might have a third one later.

Making it is really simple:

1) Boil some water

2) Squeeze a lemon into the water (the amount of lemon you squeeze is up to you, I usually have half a lemon squeezed in)

3) 1 spoon full of honey the cup

4) Add some black pepper

You don't have to add the black pepper in, but yesterday my dad put some in for me, and it made it taste really good. I mean it doesn't taste horrible without the black pepper- but the black pepper just gives it that "firey" kind of taste.

4) Hot Water Bottle

If only I had this 😂
If only I had this 😂

Just in case you have a stomach ache a hot water bottle always helps relieve the pain, plus it's nice to hug especially if it's furry. I'm not lucky enough to have a Spider-Man one (yet) but I have a fluffy white one with pink and purple hearts on it and it always makes me feel better.

5) Stay Hydrated

Spidey drinking water through his eye 😂
Spidey drinking water through his eye 😂

You should do this anyway, even when you're not sick but still I feel like this needs a place on the list. Because when you're sick you feel horrible and you just want to lie down and shut your eyes and you just want to stay that way forever- so you forget the basic things like drinking water.

So yes, drink plenty of water- but don't think that bottles and bottles of water, one after the other, will keep you hydrated. Sip on the water because if you drink it all in one go, chances are it will whizz straight out of the other end.

You should also eat fruit and veg to also keep you hydrated, and for me it's like a double win because it keeps me hydrated and it fills me up.

6) STAY AWAY from Junk Food


Junk food is a guilty pleasure most of us have. Personally, I'm not one of those people who eat it all the time, I try to stay away from it anyway but if every once in a while my dad, mum or brother suggest ordering a pizza, or I'm meeting up with my friends from secondary school and they suggest getting Dominos pizza... I won't say no. Or sometimes when me and my best friend go out, we'll get food from outside, it isn't healthy but it tastes good so...

But that's when I'm well. When I'm ill I stay away from junk food at all costs because I know it's going to make me worse, and I'll instantly regret it, even if it does taste nice.

7) Keep Wrapped Up

More Spidey xD
More Spidey xD

Stay as warm as you can. Because if you've got the chills, it'd be stupid for you not to stay warm. Wear a hat, warm PJs, a dressing gown. I even wear those things in bed when I'm ill.

And if you have to go out, keep as warm as you can. Wear a hat, zip up, wear layers.

8 ) Don't stress about school/college/university/work or anything

Spidey and Deadpool studying
Spidey and Deadpool studying

So, I know this one is difficult because even I was stressing on Tuesday.

"Do I go to college today?"

"Do I not go to college today?"

"Shall I send my teacher the email saying I'm not coming it?"

"Should I just tell him I'm coming in a bit later today?"

"Dang it! I have that meeting with the 'save the library' people today as well! WHY? Do I call it off with them too?"

Well, I didn't go to college on Tuesday and I didn't meet the 'save the library' people either, and I was really upset about that too- but they said it was completely okay, and that we could postpone the meeting so hopefully I'll be better by then.

But stressing about anything will not make you better. You'll just end up making yourself worse, so don't do it! Just chill out, lay down, sleep- until you're better. Rest is really important.

9) Stay in and watch a movie/tv show

Include a caption for your ima
Include a caption for your ima

A nice movie, or TV show always makes me feel better. For most of the day today, I slept but when I woke up, I watched this week's episode of Fresh Off The Boat, because it's funny and it always makes me laugh.

Then I decided to watch the 2019 Lion King- the original is still the best, and even though this animation looked way more realistic I actually liked the 1994 animation better but I do think Donald Glover's and Beyonce's vocals were fire- and Mufasa's death was still heartbreaking and I still HATED scar. It wasn't terrible, but I still prefer the 1994 version.

Moving away from that mini-review, watching a movie or a TV show is just a nice way to kill time, and when you focus on the movie or TV show you're watching, you could actually forget about how awful you feel, because you become engrossed into whatever you're watching.

10) Get well soon!

What To Do If You're Sick and Have The Winter Chills!

This one may sound a little cheesy or corny but if you're ill, get well soon! Even Spider-Man gets ill.

I mean getting ill for me, has really sucked, because my dad says every teenager has this kind of feeling at some point but I had that kind of mood where I felt like I was Spider-Man and I could take on the world- and then I get sick and I feel as weak as a baby.

But I know it's not going to last forever and I'm getting better, so if you're sick, I hope you get well soon. :) <3

Thank you for reading :) <3

What To Do If You're Sick and Have The Winter Chills!
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  • Zap69777
    If I was you I would just chill and get over my big, and shop around on the internet for a great guy that wants to be with you and you can get together and get to know each other and see where it goes from there. If you both like each other, then move to second base. You won't know until you give it a try. Hope you get over your bug and find the man who you are seeking
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    • I'm pretty much over the "bug" still have a cough but I'm not really ill. And I'm not seeking anyone at the moment, not looking to date.

  • tartaarsaus
    Good ideas. But I usually just go to uni anyway during the 2,3 times a year that I’m sick
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    • Yeah, I try to go to college but on Tuesday I felt like I could barely stand- so, I didn't go in.

    • tartaarsaus

      Oh okay, yeah I’m never that Sick. Hope you get better

    • I'm better from that now, but still have it a little if you get what I mean

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  • Gottabsavagee
    You should see your doctor regardless. They will check your blood and urine and based on that they will prescribe you meds
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    • Honestly, I can see where you are coming from but I rarely visit the doctor - or take many meds - and I'm well most of the year☺

    • Zap69777

      Most meds are not good for you. Some make you sicker. Recommend to drink lots of water and Vit. C 2000/mg daily if you have a cold, sore throat, stopped up nose Fever, etc.

  • Anonymous
    I'm surprised you didn't suggest watching Spiderman!
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  • Sweatyotterr
    I just watch movies and listen to music until I’m better. It’s just a waiting game
    • Nah I'm different- I have to do things to make me feel better. xD

  • Mjghost
    If you’re over age 18... my imagination to make you feel better runs wild.
    Where do you find these pictures? 😂😂 you are always spot on. Lol
  • I eat a spoonful of concrete and harden the fuck up.
  • Slax421
    This is the best post in the history of the Internet! LMFAO!! Thanks Spidey, you made my week!!! 🤣
  • DanOh2018
    I wish I knew I've been off and in sick with the same thing for a few weeks and it sucks.
    • DanOh2018

      Oh I was bad and ordered a pizza. It was a poor decision on many levels.

    • I did that when I was sick once and after that I was like: "I regret my life choices."😂

    • DanOh2018

      Yeah, after I got sick I totally broke my fitness routine and have been eating like a free-range shrek fml

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  • HumeyraHaktanır
    very nice myTake thanks 😊🌸
  • Sevenpointfive
    superheroes don't get sick days
  • AngelAimée
    Rest in bed, soup and a movie.
  • Iamagoodguy
    All I do is ignore it and wait till I'm better