Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

So you are Sick! Here's some helpful tips to help you get over any Autum Chills more comfortably.🤢🤧🤮😰🤒

Hello my dears, just a little myTake from The White Queen on how to get over some of these flus & colds that are doing the rounds right about now in the Autumn as winter approaches and as an aspiring writer I thought I'd not a few things down.

I was ill myself with a bad dose of it two Sundays ago, my parents weren't happy as I couldn't get out of bed for mass and I didn't get courtin my big lad. I think i caught it volunteering at youth club as I heard quite few kids got ill, children are walking germ factories lol. Anyway my symptoms were as I woke that Sunday morn a sore head, congested cough, blocked nose, loss of appetite, physically weak, heavy eyelids, aches&pains, a fever and very very irritable temper(us Redheads have a temper& hate to be sick). Got up at twenty past twelve to get a shower because I felt manky and regretted it as I was roasted in bed yet completely foundered. Admittedly the shower did help. My fella was very attentive when I was ill and nursed me back to wellness even though I was In full bitch mode, he always thinks I'm adorable when im voicing that im annoyed or angry its the downside to being so short. Of course my mother would look in with a lot of "awwwws" or "that's just darling" as my fella brought me soup. I had to miss college & work but I'm convinced a lot of stuff my big lad did for me as well as some recommendations I followed from relatives got me back on my feet again sooner. Anyway here's what i recommend to help you. *Disclaimer! Warning! I'm not a doctor or medical expert so follow at your own risk*

1. Take some Ibuprofen

I would recommend sleep first but with my head pounding I couldn't sleep, I had tried paracetamol but Nurofen tablets from the chemist did the trick.

2. Sleep

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Sleep is so important for recovering from any illness because it allows your immune system to better fight any illness or infection, mote crucially it helps the time go more quickly. I asked my doctor for sleeping tablets but she probably rightly refused.

3. Avoid going out

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

I made this mistake two years ago when I went on to my part-time job, I barely made out of the estate and felt wossy, had to call my ol pair to come get me. At the very least you don't spread it to other poor souls, though everyone gets the flu eventually.

4. Drink plenty of fluids

That's plenty of water, some tea. Hot chocolate is my favourite. Green tea with a bit of honey is probably best for you. There are those that recommend hot water with Lemmon slices though I'm not sure if it does much good, worth a try. It's annoying as you get comfortable in bed & need to run to the loo every 5 minutes.

5. Rub Vicks Vaporub on your chest.

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Rubbing Vicks Vaporub on your chest is good to help clear a cough & blocked nose and it's great for those aches & pains. Camphor, Menthol and Eucalyptus that's in it certainly does the trick to help you visit the land of nod though don't let you fella apply it for you as boys will be boys & one thing leads to another.

6. Cough medicine & Sucking lozengers

There's few things as bad as a raspy cough when you need to sleep. Cough medicine does the trick to help sooth it. Sucking lozengers through the day can help also. It won't cure your cough but will give you relief.

7. Take a warm soapy bath

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Warm baths can be relaxing when your not sick & just stressed out but they are great when you are sick. Some candles, meditation music, eucalyptus oil burning and seclusion. Again do this when your fella isn't around as it you know what they are like. You really need peace for this.

8. Take saline

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

It could be in the form of saline drops for your nose or tablets. The drops are great for unlocking the nose but the tablets work wonders, my fella swears by them as a hangover cure. Basically they replace salt your body loses and if you've the flu through sweat, coughing and spluttering your body loses salt.

9. Eat soup

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Nothing makes a sick person feel better than soup especially chicken soup. When your sick & have no appetite soup is just right, with a bit of bread or roll. I say avoid the tinned stuff as they aren't that healthy especially Heinz ( have you seen their baked beans, full of water). Soup is one of the easiest soups to make, any simpleton can make vegetable soup. Tomato soup is my favourite. I like to add potatoes to thicken vegetable soup up.

10. Stay Warm

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Staying warm is important for you comfort and for preventing you from getting worse. A nice warm pair of jammies (I have so many pyjama sets) warm dressing gowns, warm fluffy bedroom slippers the whole works. We all know when you've got a bad dose your always feel a chill no matter how warm your place. A warm sleeping bag is great for this, it's like being back in your mother's womb again. Big Wooly socks are a revelation.

11. Stay cool.

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

When you've got a bad fever your always either too cold or too warm sometimes both. Like your feet could be like icicles and your head could be on fire, a wet face cloth run under cold water and wrung out placed on your forehead can help your body regulate you body temperature, a fan on is sometimes beneficial. If your running a really high fever a cool shower may be necessary.

12. A Hot Water Bottle

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

I never really used one since I was a child when the winter was real bad but I guess it's like a comfort thing when I'm sick. I like to keep my feet on it.

13. Comfort food

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Could be anything pizza, lucozade, sweets, crisps, curry whatever, chances are when you are sick you won't be able to stomach the thought of food but if you get a craving for something you certainly should induldge it because you body is telling you what it needs.

14. Have sex.

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

There are a multitude of benefits to having sex when you are well but when your sick sex can help boast your immune system, he surge of adrenaline sex provides can clear your blocked nose and of course it will help you sleep. Believe you will be looking gross and really be into it but you get there and it helps.

15. Relax when you favourite childhood movies.

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

I don't know about anyone else but when I'm sick I can't watch or concentrate of anything new it has to be something I've watched a hundred times like old Disney movies, forest gump, the princess bride, kindergarten cop, The goonies, Home alone, Matilda, Casper, babe, fly away home, my girl, Jumanji, hook, Mrs Doubtfire... we all have our favourites.

16. Visit a Health Spa

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

When I was feeling a tiny bit better my man took me to the local leisure complex health suite for an hour. I gotta admit the steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna really did help a little bit though I probably spread whatever I had to others.

17. A Hot Toddy

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!

Now i don't know if this actually works or doubt of if it makes you worse but after a few of these you barely know your sick (probably cause your tipsy or wrote off)

For a Hot Toddy you will need 35ml whisky, 3 tsp honey,1 cinnamon stick, snapped in half,1 lemon, half juiced and half sliced

In 35ml of whisky add 3 spoonfuls of honey and whisk together in a heat proof glass. Add half of the cinnamon stick to it, then top up with 200ml boiling water.
Add a some of lemon juice it, then taste and add more to your preference. Finish with a slice of lemon, studded with a, and serve immediately.

That's how my mother makes it, others may do it differently, some do it with lime. I'm not a big whiskey drinker but my mother swears by Jamesons or Bushmills for this and apparently any other drink or cooking cooking lol. I suppose you can make it with ant whiskey even that American stuff.

Conclusion well just my advice, I'm likely just telling the road you know. Anyway this on my list was helpful to me, I hope it will help you or at the very least make it all that much easier on ya.

Helpful Tips To Help You Get Over Any Autumn Chills More Comfortably!
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  • Metallsturm
    A shot of vodka with black pepper in it. Just don't throw up how bad it will burn.
    Go to bed immediately
    Cover yourself with warmest blankets you have.
    Literally sweat sickness out of yourself during the night.
    Healthy in the morning.

    Works like a charm.
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  • Massageman
    Good points. And people should not underestimate how long it's going to take to GET better, not just FEEL BETTER. Most people try to rush things by getting back to work/school/regular life before they are really cured and the condition is gone.
  • humanearth
    Why the use of man made drugs. When mother nature made all the stuff you need from the earth.

    Like for pain reliever. I use itch weed and birch bark

    For lack of energy and everything that else that comes with the flu. I use raw astragalus, echinacea, garlic, onion, ginseng, and licorice roots.

    You can also add Golden Seal and Dandelion root to the mix.

    So go in your back yard and heal yourself.
  • Jjpayne
    #3 is quite an interesting psa :) baths are amazing when you have access to them. I'm on a trip now with friends... I get so sick when I go on a trip... I honestly don't know why I get so sick :( ... It's my bad luck but I'm dragging myself around tired with a runny nose :( good mytake!!
  • Iron_Man
    Thank you White Queen that's nice of you to write this but I don't think it's a good idea to have sex when you're sick because you can get your partner sick also you didn't mention anything about taking vitamins and I highly recommend that
    To boost up your immune system
    • I think vitamins just make expensive urine with no health benefits

    • Iron_Man

      I'm a very firm believer of vitamins some doctors out there don't believe in it but I sure do and its helped me out a lot

    • Iron_Man

      Anyway out of curiosity are you a white queen or are you of black descent?
      Some people on this site find you controversial I was just curious

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  • Gontse_Moropa
    This is too relevant to my current situation😂😂I'm currently sick with some summer flu and this really helps. Thank you. Except for the have sex part😂😂not really ready for that.
  • DamnSam
    Hot tea and soup, both releases the grin in your nose and throat...
    Stay inside, dont smoke... if heavy, get antibiotics...
    • Not sure if antibiotics work on flus

    • DamnSam

      Trust me, they do better than normal painkillers...

  • Titanic1912
    I hardly take baths anymore but when I do, my mom let’s me use her jacuzzi bathtub. I always relax in my room with my little DVD player and watch my favorite movies, I eat plenty of soup and drink a lot of water. I tried masturbating but after I ejaculated, I threw up. If only I had my girlfriend with me and we were both naked but no sex when one of us is sick.
    • Sometimes when I’m sick, I wish I could put my bathing suit on and have my mom give me a bath because I don’t feel like washing my hair and body when I’m sick.

  • October808
    18 eat lots of mushrooms. Be it reishi, shiitake, shimeji, enoki, crimini (they grow to be portabellos when not picked) or some other edible variant they all have anti-oxidant characteristics. They will build up your immune system against colds and flus. This should actually be step 0 as well. I use mushrooms in most of our meals. Eat them before you're sick and during, mixed in with what ever you cook.
  • Waffles731
    " I barely made out of the estate and felt wossy," why do you have a part time job if you live on an estate?
    • Your an American. Housing estate not country estate lol. Think like the projects in America.

  • mateynine
    3. Avoid going out3. Avoid going out3. Avoid going out3. Avoid going out

    14. Have sex.14. Have sex.14. Have sex.
    16. Visit a Health Spa16. Visit a Health Spa16. Visit a Health Spa
  • 5_AM_Oracle
    I use some of these tactics yes :)
    I need to work on sleep, I sleep 6 or 5 hours for the most part which is a nono
  • LoU_Hades
    Thanks for the article
    Never drunk a Hot Toddy, hot red wine with Gluehwein spice mix and a ton of lime juice helps as well.
  • Hans222
    It's been a long time since I've been ill, even a cold is over 1 year :D
    I'm doing some of those, like staying warm, eating soup, staying hydrated.
  • Sevenpointfive
    you have some okay advice and some very bad advice in here, but what works for you will not work for everyone. for what i agree with...

    1. lots of fluids, no hot toddies because they will dehydrate
    2. soup or broth (you probably cannot stomach anything chunky like comfort food)
    3. sleep is important
    4. if you take meds get an all in one OTC medicine like Mucinex DM, and for pain get Aleve. the vapor rub is messy so use at your own risk.
    5. a heating pad or blanket is a standard in my home
    6. relax to movies you can fall asleep to
    7. don't exert yourself like step outside the bed, and definitely do not attempt sex

    *side note- get a puke bin just in case
  • Kayla45
    Good tips, I don't like getting sick because of my weak immune system, takes me longer to recover than the average person.
  • NightOwl8801
    Hot chicken noodle soup or tomato soup with grilled cheese is always a go to when you feel under the weather.
    Pain relievers and hot tea will always help out with the aches and the sore throat
  • Samantha_17
    My recipe for any illness:

    Chicken soup with lemon and mint :)
  • lesleyl95
    That is a good mytake and will take some tips on board
  • Physics-Man
    So thoughtful and considerate my White Queen! I've sick since last week's Tuesday. This should aid me in my recovery!
  • terrancemac34
    It's a lot of very helpful remedies that am pretty sure will get the job done.
  • YHL6965
    I'm not the kind of guy who gets sick easily and I usually just wait it out, with maybe a bit of paracetamol.
  • just_legit1998
    This can be very helpful. Especially since fall is my favorite season even though I live in a tropical country and I haven't experienced it yet! Thnx.
  • WarDaddy1969
    I just don't stop I don't take no medicine but I don't stop I get up and move all day and keep going and it just clears up
    Ok you lost me at the food. I'm hungry now. See ya. 😜😎
  • Ray_Lala
    I am moving to tropical countries till autumn passes XD.
  • Burtonfan
    Lol you said lozengers!!! I love it. Mom used to say that rest her soul. Thanks for a great memory!
  • lovedejj_xo
    I do half of these I have a weak immune system sucks
  • Badbitcxhintraining
    Okay while most of these are good... I would not visit a health spa while sick and I sure as hell won't be having sex while sick cause... ewwwww.
  • Blondegypsy23
    Take a vacation south
  • ThisDudeHere
    What's wrong with my sick?
  • markscott
    White: A lot of good advice here.
  • yeeeeeeeet
    Just don't get sick 😂
  • Exterminatore
    Sounds like good advice.
  • _SOARER_
    White Queens make the best soup!
  • Blitzkrieg_88
    Very through. Might try the whiskey thing.
  • Philyouup
    Damn girl! Your like Florence Nightengail (sp?)
  • JesseTheMan
    Have sex yes
  • lofii
    I like to put my hands between my legs
  • good post
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Sleeping and eating soup is great when sick.
  • MisterSir
    thank you, i'm not sick anymore
  • Joker_
    Thank you
  • sydneyboy
    Sex sex sex sex
  • Razal
    Good share !!
  • Rosabelle98
    Thanks for the tips
  • ALewis30
    A bowl of soup always leaves me relax.
  • Smf1989
    Very good
  • Anonymous
    Thanks. Nice article. I'll add one more. Avoid sugar. Studies have shown that consuming sugar can reduce your immune response for several hours after consuming it, making your body less able to fight off the virus.
  • Anonymous
    Remember to have fresh air at home as well, open the windows 2 x 10 min a day. It helps.