I know why I drink and it doesn't help


I know why I drink and it doesnt help

I've been giving this some thought the last couple weeks.

Its obvious why I drink really. Its self medication and an extremely unhealthy coping mechanism.

Regardless of whether I drink or not I feel like a worthless piece of shit,

I'll never have a career

I will never find someone

I will never amount to anything in life.

And there's more but these thoughts run through my head on a daily basis, and the truth is I don't know if any of that is true but a large part of me believes it,

But when I drink, I get a moment to breath figuratively speaking, the thoughts they leave me alone.

And the fucked up part is, that since I feel like those things I mention above are true. A large part of me doesn't see the point in sobriety,

Why be miserable, lonely, and worthless sober when you can be lonely and worthless while drunk as a skunk and not feel so miserable.

I think its why I have a hard time with sobriety,

because on some level I just don't see the point.

Its been 7 days since my last drink and tomorrow will be 8 and Wednesday will be 9 but god if sobriety doesn't suck sometimes.

I know why I drink and it doesn't help
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  • perislav85
    You probably can't figure out how much I had been drinking. About 15 years of my life went into darkness. I stopped drinking so many times that is painful to remember. About spent money I don't wanna talk about it, because if I need a drink I'll find the way anyway, right?
    The key thing is motivation. If someone or something doesn't motivate you, you'll continue with alcohol, for sure. The second thing is your company, your beloved friends. I said it that way because you'll find out who are they, not really friends for sure. Maybe a crucial thing is to ask for help. Go to the shrink or talk with someone who already has been where you are now. Explore the Internet, learn about your condition and use that knowledge.
    I can wish you all the luck of the world, but rest you must do it yourself. Sobriety is not difficult, it's just normal life, but you forgot what that means, and don't know how to feel or behave. Good luck...
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  • cicchis0
    It sounds like you've already figured out that drinking doesn't help you deal with any of these problems, just ignore them, and it will actually make it more difficult to achieve your goals. You sound a bit defeated at the moment, with a very negative outlook (unrealistically negative). You probably need a few little wins in your life to give you a bit of encouragement to keep going. Set yourself small goals for each day and celebrate/congratulate yourself when you achieve them. If you want to understand your negative thinking patterns and how to overcome them, here is a book that was written by a Clinical Psychologist to help people with this: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Acd3f377c-f7e6-490f-b18d-c3ce146da65f
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  • Anonymous
    I hope you're getting counseling from a professional also and medical support from your doctor. See a psychiatrist because you might need to get some other medications to help you. Get help from every form of support you can fit in your life. And realize, we people who are not alcoholics and not drinking know sobriety sucks too. You have to get to a point where you can wade through the stresses life throws at you without medicating yourself with booze, drugs, sex or something else. It'll take time. But you can arrive at an even keel and weather rough seas in the future. Good luck.
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  • Anonymous
    I used to drink away my pain.
    The way I stopped was that I almost fell asleep twice driving home from the liquor store.
    I could've killed innocent people.
    I also looked at it like..
    The only thing worse than being alone and miserable is being alone, broke and miserable with a hangover.
    The buzz wasn't even worth the sick feeling I had for days.
    I hope you can get away from the bottle.
    It's just one more problem you're adding to your life.
    Good luck.
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  • octoberbabe
    You are brave. Remember that eventually you can turn things around. It sounds like getting sober is the first step. Maybe by day 20, or 50, or 100 you won’t feel miserable, worthless, or lonely at all. Good luck. Keep trying and remember that you will make mistakes and fall back, but the point is to get back up and keep trying. You deserve to be happy and loved and to know your own worth.
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  • JohnDon9
    Even i feel so at times , its more of getting yourself so effin busy that your mind doesn't deviate to these sorts , there are time when i get so busy that nothing bothers me and times when i feel than i am left by myself so i resort to such measures , you just have to find something or someone who takes its place
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  • YellLow
    This is pretty sad. What stops you from finding a job, someone, etc? Are you that ugly? Thats somthing you can fix of don't have to. And if is mental issue, just go to therapy.
  • Whatthefluff
    Thank you for sharing, waffles. We're here for you.
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  • D_Bone_Steak
    My 3rd day, and many of the thoughts are the same. I know if I just start lifting these weights everyday the sleep will go back to normal, and I'll undo most of the damage, but here I am on some website trying to avoid it.

    I've basically been slipping back into drinking every weekend because it feels so good to escape the insomnia, but then I end up going into involuntary puking all Sunday night, just to try again the next week. For me that's the hardest part, I know I'll feel fine if I just get a 6 pack of that steel reserve, no shakes, no vomit, just sweet sweet sleep.

    With that said... I got to get off this site where most of the questions are bullshit girly or beta bullshit. Glad this is the first question that stood out to slap me in the face with that reality.

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  • Thatsamazing
    I hear you. Be strong out there. We're all stronger than we think we are, yourself included I'm sure.
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  • Eduardodealba
    Im the same as you its been 15 years of drinking and I've tried several times to stop but i failed and now i feel like a robot plus all my mental illnesses are still there.
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  • caninecoffee
    Quiting is hard. Drinking will suppress the feeling for a while but when your sober it just gets worse and you can build a life it will take time but if you take it one step at a time and believe in yourself it will be hard
  • lsjr16
    It sucks but your life will be better as time goes on. My friend is going through the same thing and see is better. She see who her friends are etc. Congrates on your sobriety
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  • normalice
    Figure out what you have to live for and focus on it. The only reason alcohol works as a coping mechanism is because you don't have to cultivate it - it works the first time you use it. But if you want anything real to function as a coping mechanism, you have to spend time building up your own appreciation for your own efforts towards that real thing. It is the essence of practice that everyone sucks at everything the first time they try. You have to find something you enjoy sucking at so that you keep doing it until you suck less.
  • Iron_Man
    You won't last very long in life being drunk everyday not too mention driving drunk you could kill someone
  • PrettyRegular
    I don't see a problem with drinking, as long as it doesn't cause any harm to your life.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • Bordersun
    Alcohol is evil and the plague of the 21st century
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    • Uh, no... the evil and plague of this century, like every other century before it, is greed. Alcohol has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous
    Better stop. Drinking will cause you to gain weight then you’ll really struggle with self image. Seems like there’s a void in your life that needs to be filled. Go talk with a therapist. They help.
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