Time to Quit Drinking!


I drank the last of my birthday alcohol yesterday (I received a bunch of liquor on my birthday last week), and I feel terrible! I ended up waking up this morning burning up and covered in sweat.

Aside from that, I'm starting to feel soft and starting to get fat around the mid-section. I figure it's time to quit drinking for at least a good while. I've been getting drunk several times a week for the past month and I've come to depend too much on alcohol to make everything more entertaining to me.

Time to Quit Drinking!

Well, it's time to turn this mush into muscles! I'm gonna try to quit for a good while, if not indefinitely, and get back in shape.

Time to Quit Drinking!

Anyway, if my posts start to become boring and make too much sense, it's because I'm sober now.

Time to Quit Drinking!
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  • Salsacumbia
    If you really want to change your habit really badly, you will do it!!! You are control of yourself, and i believe in you. You made the first step and the hardest one to begin with, that is you admitted you have a problem and you are doing something about it now before you really can't get out of it. You Can Do It!! Hope for the best for you.
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  • Goodwifie
    How's your weekend going?
    Just keep yourself busy 😊
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    • I'm being super antisocial right now. I haven't gone out with friends (too much temptation to drink) and just been chilling around the house and doing some work here and there (work from home) and I'm about to go out to train. I'm laying low. :-D

    • The wife is out hanging out with her family. She invited me last night to go out with friends but I refused to tag along since I figured there's a good probability I'd start drinking at some point. :-D

    • Goodwifie

      My husband found that socializing while sober was extremely difficult but he had to cut back for his sake and for his family.
      Keep up the good work.

Most Helpful Guys

  • harsumeetsingh
    Everybody who used to drink or smoke, should quit for some time and detox his body so that the body can work properly. Quitting is not an easy job. It`s easy to get into smokking and drinking but it is as difficult to come out of it.
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    • So far drinking hasn't been so bad for me as far as like withdrawal symptoms or anything except I tend to associate it with fun social events. So I'm trying to reconcile a sober life with a social one. :-D That's usually my kind of addiction there. I used to smoke tobacco years ago and quit and that was ridiculously hard even on the most basic physical level -- I was like a nervous wreck for weeks and had to do it over a vacation because I couldn't work in that nervous state.

  • OlderAndWiser
    I hope this is working well for you. Feel free to PM me if you need advice or just need to talk.
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    • Cheers (non-alcoholic) and thanks! So far so good. I am not the type to suffer withdrawal symptoms or anything and often go for months without drinking in the past. But I do have binging habits the moment I drink that first beer or glass of whiskey where I don't stop at any reasonable level. :-D I wish I could learn the moderation part -- but it's easy to just go pure cold turkey in my case.

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  • JackSmy
    Moderation, and self-control. You need both. The alcohol isn't the problem, it's how you handle it, and control how much you drink, and how often.
  • Izumiblu
    I quit drinking years ago. I found it was eroding my ninja skills.
    • Izumiblu

      Oh wait now I remember. I never really started drinking

      For you though, remember... failure is always an option.

  • Katebfun
    Good luck. I'm trying to quit drinking its just poison and no good.
  • mrArcher
    I'm sorry, everytime someone says anything about drinking I can't see the word "quit". Or "stop". Or "taper off".
    So I just saw "it's time to drinking". Which I agree with, despite the off grammar.
  • SwirlingHatred
    I don’t like my dick size so I won’t get a girlfriend I feel gay after I was molested so I can’t any friends yeah I think I’mma keep drinking hell I might start driving
  • I quit drinking on jan 1st
    Never looked back.

    I feel great!
  • dantetheexplorer
    Stick to 梅酒?
    On the rocks? :D
    • I love umeshu but I gotta quit cold turkey, I think. I always go overboard if I start drinking anything.

    • Yes. Cold turkey is always the best way.
      For me at least.
      Good luck!
      There's no time like the present!

    • Cheers! (non-alcoholic) :-D

  • SarahMuller
    You will, without a doubt, full much better!
    • Thanks! Starting to feel it already although I'm only on the 3rd day in. Also been slowly getting back to working out again (just some moderate-intensity cardio initially to get back into the groove). I had a constant history of going off and on depending on the season, but it became the worst as of late -- perhaps due to a combo of my age and also because I started developing the habit of drinking at home (I used to only drink socially).

      I might be able to quit indefinitely at this rate -- the last of my party-going friends became married recently. I'll have to figure out some more ways to socialize without involving any alcohol at some point. :-D

  • adika63
    • Had a friend whose motto was that "rehab is for quitters". In my case, it was really starting to impact my health badly. I need some time to detox at least. :-D

    • adika63

      Everyone does every now and again. Im just playing with ya. You have to be responsible with it

    • Cheers. :-) Moderation is something I never quite learned very well. It is me from my 20s:
      Time to Quit Drinking!

      Only reason I ceased to be that way in my 30s is that I could no longer binge drink for like 18 hours straight without passing out sooner. :-D

      But I'm the type that's like, "Let's just have a beer for dinner to unwind." Then I'm like, "I want another one." 3 beers later, I'm like, "It's getting expensive and tedious to buy these beers one can at a time across the street. Let's buy a six-pack." Then after I drink six-pack, I'm like, "Beer is expensive. I should drink whiskey." Then after I drink bottle of whiskey, I'm like, "I'm starting to feel pretty hammered. I don't want to waste it being alone. Let's go to bar!" Then at the bar, I see my friend and I'm like, "Wooh! Haven't seen him in a long time! Let's drink shots! SHOT SHOT SHOT!" Then after some Jagermeister shots, I'm like, "I feel awesome. Let's sing Karaoke!"

      Then the next day I'm like, "Urgghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why did I do that?" And I got to that feeling like 10+ times this month (exacerbated a bit by Birthday). :-D

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  • midnightmoon05
    Day 4, counting and cheering for you!!!
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Never touched it 😄.
  • StingRayxoxo
    Good for you for making a positive change! 😊😊
  • JimRSmith
    Cold turkey for a month or two.
  • John_Doesnt
    Not while Trump is still president.
    • Goodwifie

      Don't like Trump?
      You need to watch this, it was so funny.
      wanda sykes, not normal on Netflix.
      She really got stuck into him.

  • icassidy
    nICE, good luck! :) :)
  • Ordinarygurl_
    Yay you go dude!
  • Nina2123
    Stay sober
  • Good take