I know why I'm here

I know why Im here

By "here" I don't mean "in this world/life". I mean something much less existential (that's a topic for a question): Why am I here on GAG(Girls Ask Guys/Guys Ask Girls). I'm here because I first came across some questions some time back. Then I saw a question and I wanted to help, so I signed up and now I'm addicted. I don't usaully get addicted to technology, I don't play games often, haven't posted on Insta for months, get bored of youtube, become tired with Netflix's collection, etc, etc. But this was different. This IS different. I feel like I'm helping people. Maybe I can't help myself, but I can sure as the sunrise, help someone with a question, even if it's silly. Some I find wholesome and gives a little light to my day. I also like how the community is kinda small, yet very active and everyone has probably seen some of the same people on multiple questions. I know I have. It has the option of complete anonymity, but I prefer to use 4chan for that instead. Overall, it makes for a small town vibe. Not everyone may agree, not everyone may be knowledgeable, and not everone knows all the answers, but we all have an answer or a question that is of value somewhere, we participate in the conversations, and most of us see familiar faces. So, y'all know why you're here?

I know why Im here
I know why I'm here
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