I know that is probably the millionth take but here is "The actual problem with Corona virus".


so first off, i'll cut the crap and get rid of bullshit and missinformation:

It is not dangerous AT ALL to the vast majority of people.

corona is neither deadly, nor dangerous, nor particularly unpleasant for the vast majority who get it. most people that get corona will not be able to tell the difference between the common cold and corona virus. for example children who get infected will aside from rare exceptions fully recover without any medication and most won't even show symptoms. for the general population, the mortality rate is roughly 0,3-0,7% (for reference: every time you drive a car, you have a 1.3% chance of dying to a car accident). the numbers are constantly corrected downwards as we learn how few people actually show severe symptoms. after you had it, you are even immune vor quite some time, cause the body naturally keeps around antibodies to beat the virus.

so if you're not affraid of driving your car, then being affraid of corona is pure idiocy.

Me looking at the media landscape
Me looking at the media landscape

Even within the very narrow risk group of people, it is still manageable.

which brings me to the other end of the spectrum: there are the elderly and sick people with health problems who already deal with weakened immune system. to them, corona is significantly more dangerous and they should be carefull but even they should not in panic the way our global civilization does. however even in the specific endangered group only a fraction of people end up in hospital. and of those hospitalized, 20% actually die. don't freak out. the mean age of that group is 65... and what many people don't realize is: in this risk group you have a very high risk of actually dying from ANYTHING you end up in the hospital for (statistically speaking). what is dangerous for them is NOT dangerous for healthy people.

So what is the Problem with corona?!

the problem with corona is that the global community and most individuals treat it as if it was the zombie apocalypse outbreak. sooner or later, maybe not in the media but in the general global population, the realization that "this wasn't so bad" will kick in.

what does that mean? the WHO and litterally every media outlet told us to be in panic about a common flu.

so imagine 1-2 month from now an actually deadly pandemy starts spreading. will you be as scared? will you be able to know that you should be scared? or will you be like "ah fuck those morons, it's just the next harmless bullshit".

and therein lies the actual problem. if authorities flip their shit over nothing, how can we ever know when we actually need to give a crap? i'll leave that question up for discussion...

one final word of advice for the future: the word "pandemy" doesn't mean it's dangerous. it just means people the world over will have it. even the common cold is a pandemy. a pandemy is still one of the most likely scenarios for the end of humanity. so taking away the edge of that word by what we do with corona is actually very dangerous.

I know that is probably the millionth take but here is "The actual problem with Corona virus".
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  • Screenwriter
    Though most people will not have bad corona, those that DO will have permanent lung scarring that will cause some pulmonary fibrosis for the rest of their lives. It IS worst than the flu in that aspect. There is little evidence that immunity is built up for an entirely new virus. A man got it, recovered, was reinfected and died. Ain't that a bitch! He was relatively young too, with no preconditions. We are STILL flying blind with Covid 19.

    Don't take chances, carry your wipes with you and use them. Carry kleenex. Cough into your arm or sleeve. Keep your hands off your face. Don't make unnecessary trips, flights. Wash your hands while singing Happy Birthday twice. I've changed to Singin' in the Rain because I'm bored. That's a FULL 30 seconds and a better song.

    I'm singin' in the rain
    Just singin' in the rain
    What a glorious feeling
    I'm happy again
    I'm laughin' at clouds
    So dark up above
    The sun's in my heart
    And I'm ready for love
    Let the stormy clouds chase
    Everyone from the place
    Come on with the rain
    I've a smile on my face
    I'll walk down the lane
    With a happy refrain
    Just washin'… and
    dryin' in the rain.* My alterations

    I have learned how long I have NOT been correctly washing my hands: FOREVER. If people STICK with this proper hygiene, far fewer of us will get Flu or Corona.
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    • well guess how humanity keeps it's defense against disease up? certainly not by living in a sterile environment. i think on a humanity scale and on a humanity scale it is better for few to die while most develop and refine their immune system, than preventing people from dying short term and long term losing the ability to conquer disease. i'm not scared of gers and disease. sure i won't go out to kill myself but i see temporary illness as a good thing. sure if it hits you hard, that sucks but well such is life.

    • Boppy


      Especially at the age group most weak to this disease, inheritance does not have much effect compared to environment.
      Also, we can give people an immune response and build immunity via vaccines. It'll take a year and a half to get rolling, but the benefit is you don't need to kill a lot of people.

    • @Boppy I'm fine with washing my hands properly, which I've never done until now. My parents didn't know and passed along my ignorance. I like the utube video. You need a fingernail brush and a long, long scrub. LIKE A SURGEON, Wooo, washed for the very first time!!! Like a Surr rr rr rr geon. Wash my hands clean. All the Ti ii i ime... SO many songs work for hand washing... I keep experimenting.

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  • Anonymous
    The long term (and even some of the short term) affects ave YET to be discovered/determined so I would not go as far to definitely say that it’s not dangerous.
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    • you are right. we do not yet know the full extend but we already know that it is not as dangerus as driving your car... that part is for sure. how much less dangerous it is, we don't know yet. so look at what we know and don't let them scare you.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not scared, just vigilant. At any rate, I just don’t want a virus living in me if it can be avoided. Even if someone is treated and back to full health, it still lives in your body, and if I can avoid that I surely will.

    • Your immune system has dealt with worse things before intentionally getting it would be dumb but fearing it would almost be dumber.

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  • Anonymous
    Okay so here’s the problem, you’re retarded.

    You’re stats are nonsense and you can’t evaluate danger.

    The mortality rate is 3.5% for the general population. You can literally count the cases and deaths to figure that out. The mortality in closed cases sits around 6.5%.

    Even if it’s one percent, that’s still dangerous. Those aren’t dice sane people want to roll. If it spreads as fast as the flu (and it does) and we assume it reaches comparable infected numbers (not counting whether it gets even worse) that’s millions dead. Only a fkn degenerate wouldn’t worry about spreading it around even if they aren’t in the high risk group.

    Also you do not have a 1.3% chance to dying in a car accident every time you drive. Is this a poe? I can’t tell. It’s too stupid to take seriously, but who knows, people never cease to fail more profoundly.

    There’s a reason government around the world are reacting to this in way unlike what they would for the flu. It’s just floundering idiocy to hand wave that way. It’s obviously not a “common flu” when the mortality is so much higher.

    People shouldn’t freak out, but understating the danger is worse than overreacting.
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    • Thanks for correcting my stats with stats that are wrong and calling me retarded. Look up the dunning Krüger effect. Should be interesting.

    • Your opinion doesn’t matter, you went anonymous when we are already all anonymous behind our accounts... you doubled down. Quite pointless. Run along.

    • Look up hot mic at Whitehouse on YouTube. Counting people without symptoms it's.1-.3% mortality rate

  • Anonymous
    The problem with COVID-19 is that it IS very dangerous and deadly to certain people, it's extremely contagious and there is a lot we do not know about it yet. Just because it is unlikely to kill you or me doesn't mean we shouldn't be concerned about it because if we get it we can give it to someone who very well could die from it. I know a lot of people in my neighborhood who are at risk due either to age or health conditions. The more this virus spreads among the general population, the more people are going to die from it. I don't believe the concerns about this virus are overblown.
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    • crazy8000

      Even a cold can be that to those

    • Anonymous

      @crazy8000 That's a dangerous attitude. The common cold is FAR less lethal than COVID-19. Roughly 15% of the population is at significant risk of death if they contract COVID-19, either because of their age or some other condition that compromises their immune system. Just because you think you are safe doesn't mean you don't have a responsibility to not spread the virus. ANY spreading of the virus can directly or indirectly lead to the death of someone else.

    • long term it is a more dangerous to protect every individual from all possible illness, cause that's how humanity as a species loses it's ability to survive viruses.

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  • lacaras
    I like the message we shouldn't be in panic mode, that is true, however there are a couple corrections. The main problem is we don't know a lot about the virus and any long term complications it might cause, while people can recover from an illness, it's still possible for the illness to affect them long term. With this virus there has been concern over potentially permanent lung damage if it causes pneumonia (speculative, because we don't know). Not sure where you got the chance of dying in a car accident, but the data is definitely misinterpreted, if my chance of dying in a car accident was 1% every time I got into a car I would for sure be dead by now as I drive in a car multiple times per day, maybe that's 1% over the course of a year? That would be more believable. I agree the death rate of the virus is exaggerated because we don't really know how many people have it, especially because so many people only experience mild symptoms and thus don't report it. But there is some concern to be had because even a low death rate over a large population means a lot of deaths, and that's on top of the deaths that would happen anyway because of flu, car accidents, etc. Another issue is that if there are a lot of people sick it will put a strain on hospitals and supply shortages which can affect people with different illnesses. Also a correction on the word "pandemic", the common cold is not a pandemic, it is endemic, meaning it is occuring at expected levels. To understand a pandemic you need to understand the word "epidemic" which means a disease occuring at significantly higher rates. A pandemic is essentially just an epidemic on a larger (global or semi-global) scale. You are correct that a pandemic does not have anything to do with lethality. For reference swine flu was a pandemic, even though it had a low mortality rate to validate your point. Though even swine flu 12,000 Americans died of despite it only having around a 0.01% mortality rate (61 million Americans got it)
    • we know the virus is a flu and that over 70% of all known cases are already fully recovered again. we know that those who are well again do produce antibodies naturally so if you "survive" it (which most do), you'll be immune for a few years to come.

      i do know that 0.01% is still A LOT of people. however consider the argument about the mean age that i mentioned. i know how death certificates are made... whatever the patient had as he died will be listed as "the cause of death". in the elderly, it is almost never clear cut and there's a lot of head scratchning about what was the actual "cause" of the death. don't know if that's shicking for you but for most cases there's not an obduction. the doctor will just litterally "guess".

      incidentally that is the reason why the mortality rate of cancer is so astromomically high, cause litterally every person will develop cancer with age... so that's often the only thing that can be found to be wrong with a passed away person...

      but guess what doctors are now looking for. corona... people die. liefe ends. and corona right now gets a massive boost in statistics by how doctors are influenced by current events.

    • i'm not saying your arguments are invalid. i just prefer mine while respecting yours :) hope that's ok.

    • lacaras

      That's totally okay, I didn't want to come off that I thought you were wrong, on the overall message I agree with you. I just wanted to add some of my thoughts on it and why I believe we should still be taking it seriously. Really I wish professionals would just say the death rate is "low" and leave it vague because our understanding of it is vague.

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  • Likes2drive
    That’s a good mytake on it , it’s more contagious but kills less than the flu , unfortunately it’s the reaction with all the media creating panic
    • It's shocking that even the authority acts like a beheaded chicken, not just the population.

  • Owen3
    I'll come back in two weeks and ask you how do you feel being a murderer 🤔🖕
    • And how exactly would I have become a murderer by then?

  • Meatunnel69
    We’re all gonna die!!!
    ... someday
  • October808
    Daniela1982's post just made your whole diatribe irrelevant. Go read it.
  • How do you come up with 1.3% every time you drive. That means that every 100 or so times I drive, I will die.
    • that's not at all how statistics work. every time you get in a car, you have a 1.3% of dying to a car accident. that doesn't mean you will die if you do it 100 times. the chance of "not dying" is always bigger. that's how you're still alive.

      1.3% doesn't add up to 100 every time you drive. it stays at 1.3% and is therefore not very likely.

    • think it differently. every time you get in a car, you got a 98.7% chance of not dying. that means you're very unlikely to ever die to a car accident. that 98.7% doesn't somehow get lower, the more you drive.

    • That's what a percent is 1.3 / 100.

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  • Guardian45
  • pizzalovershouse
    Yah an njw itz a pandemic an atom Hanks the actor an his wife got it gee thanks to not enough test being done
    • Oh an soon anerica will have a cure oops not true as exspera in medical said it will be a year and a half before a safe human cure so let's stop listening to lies an believe the experts say not leaders to fake news

    • it's not going to take a year and a half, probably months, but if they're looking for a universal coronavirus vaccine, one that treats SARS, MERS, this one, as well as other future coronaviruses, then it could take a year to 2 years

  • Plitty-Tank
    Not dangerous, yet sports leagues around the world are cancelling games and seasons or suspending play until a later date. Why so?
  • FireSky7
    Necessary like REASON! 🥇🏆️🔱👍

    «Brains are out of stock here! What we will eat?» 😑
    • yeah well luckily the frozen veggies that i mostly feed on aren't particularly popular xD so i'm good. but the meat is getting scarce which sucks.

  • Sbgirl
    At least someone else shares this view! Thanks !
  • kurthand000
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • 👏👏
  • Gedaria
    PANIC, in one word...
    • Yup. one person on gag told me he would shoot me on sight if he knew I wasn't gonna put myself in quarantine even if I didn't have corona. That's how bad it is already.

  • luvsemthic
    We're all gonna die!!
  • Anonymous
    Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19 (intravenous)
    and oral for protection.https://www.youtube.com/embed/yzJiKQ8O3IE
    • a healthy nutrition beats most simple diseases like covid-19. that's like saying you need to take a jacket if you don't wanna freeze.

    • Anonymous

      The science behind it, it goes all the way back to the 1930's. Vitamin C intravenously has been used long before the corona virus to treat pneumonia. Resolve the pneumonia and you save lives.

    • Anonymous

      Three different studies of using vitamin C IV to fight the coronavirus have been approved in China and yet none of this is mentioned in main stream media...

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