If you have anxiety watch this!


This guy Day9 is honestly one of my favorite people on the internet. He used to be a pro gamer playing starcraft, then he did a lot of casting and hosting for gaming events and he's a fulltime streamer now.

I think what makes him great is how developed and self aware he is as a person and the way he deals with problems. He has a very calm kind and matter of fact way with describing problems. He can separate the emotions out and not let them run wild and he's always kind to himself or his viewers when they have a problem. With certain problems it's easy to take them personally or start feeling bad about yourself but he tries to prevent that for his viewers.

He gives a ton of advice on how to start learning something, how to set and achieve goals, how to deal with break ups or other emotional things. And he does projects on his discord with his viewers.

Anyway a lot of people have anxiety and I thought this could maybe help someone just because it's relatable and he describes things so well. He has so many good clips of himself just talking about life and they're always helpful even if you've never been in that situation yourself.

I hope it helps someone


#anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcare

If you have anxiety watch this!
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  • Kaazsz
    I love Day9. Been following him for YEARS! I love his day9 daily #100 it’s the best. Day9 is a great dude. I used to play the fuck out of Broodwar and Starcraft 2 as well. Fun times!
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    • Kaazsz

      Also it was Day9 who suggested my favorite book series on one of his dailies “the Dresden files.”

    • Lynx122

      Yeah I've been watching him forever too, since like 2010 when I played some SC2 and disovered eSports. I don't actually watch his content that much anymoe because he does a lot of stuff about games I don't care about but I still like him a lot and I go by his channel once in a while to see if there's anything he uploaded that interests me.

    • Kaazsz

      Yea same for me. He doesn’t play anything that I want to see lately except maybe a little Broodwar content now and then.

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  • Great Take 💖💘
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  • xsddsxsx
    i am lucky i don't have this
  • YHL6965
    Is there a TLDR?

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